‘Mosquito’! Mini Rodini AW15

Normally the word Mosquito signals rage for us. The endless buzzing in your ear, slap marks on your legs, and of course the itch. Don’t get us started on the itch. But this time we are very excited indeed about a very special Mosquito – introducing Mini Rodini AW15 collection ‘Mosquito’!

The new collection is inspired by ’The Jungle Book’ with really strong Indo Persian influences pulling through… from the Mughal Empire, the amazing wildlife, beautiful Indian Punjab and the decadent and mysterious life of the Maharanis and Maharadjas.

India’s beautiful wilderness also shines bright in the collection with bengal tigers, elephants, peacocks, temple monkeys, rats and bats in mint. The blues, spicy reds, cinnamon, pink pepper and cloves tickling your tastebuds for more.

A large part of this collection is made in the south of India in a factory run by wind and solar energy. Using GOTS certified organic cotton and Fair-trade certified workers the new collection is as much environmentally and ethically responsible as it is beautiful. Hooray for that!

We love the new collection and hope you do too. It is available now in stores and online so head over to the Mini Rodini website to find out more.

08 Aug 2015