Billow & Bound

Get lost in a world of gorgeous colours, fabrics, and textures with the beautiful range from billow + bound! It seems tradition that on every holiday we end up ten-aisles deep in some bustling bazaar absolutely drooling over all the gorgeous fabrics and textiles. We then spend the rest of trip wondering how much fabric we could cram into our suitcase...

There’s just something about the vibrant colours, rich textures, original patterns, and beautiful craftsmanship of exotic fabric that hooks us in every time . And this is precisely why we’ve fallen in love with the children’s clothing line, billow + bound.

Centred around classic styles and stunning fabrics, the brand’s mission is to use vibrant, traditional textiles to create simple, comfortable clothing for children while always being fair trade conscious.

The team from billow + bound work closely with the artisans to develop beautiful colour palettes, and design the fabric in a way that captures the traditions of their makers, whilst still appealing to a modern aesthetic. Everything in their range is meticulously crafted by artisans in Central India using the finest 100% handwoven cotton, and hand-dyed using GOTS-certified dyes.

The brand was founded by two very well travelled mummas from the US, Hirshini and Erika. The clever duo designs everything with kids at the forefront - while the designs are absolutely stunning to look at for us wardrobe envious parents, they are also cut to give your children the comfort they need and toughness to survive the messiest of playground antics.

If the gorgeous fabrics and craftsmanship of billow + bound has you swooning too, then skip over to their website and check out the full range. They ship internationally too!