Creating beautiful handmade clothes, Costumini provides children with a costume inspired wardrobe for everyday. Formed by two artisans, Maria Jesus and Valentina, the brand is fun and quirky whilst retaining a very high quality. Costumini believes in creativity, and encourages children to get lost in their imaginations each and everyday...

"We are a costume maker and a costume designer. After several years of experience creating fantasy worlds for theatre, dance, circus, cinema, television, and publicity, we decided to start our own way to get to a point where Costume Design meets Children’s Fashion, and this was the result of it."

Each piece that Costumini creates has its own individual character, translating childhood imagination into a physical garment, transporting children to another world where anything is possible.

Head along to their website and etsy store to get lost in the wonderful world of Costumini.

20 Jul 2013