The Delightfully Different Annika

Annika is a delightfully quirky Swedish/Korean children's brand that creates truly original collections that kids simply adore. The brand was named after the designers daughter and is filled with bright, colourful pieces complete with interesting patterns and quirky little features...

There is something incredibly fun about the clothes, which seamlessly combine colour and pattern with unusual design features without losing their sense of style.

The silhouettes borrow from traditional shapes but take them to entirely new places with vibrant fabrics and signature quirk.

We love their conflicting yet somehow complimentary patterns and their bright yet appealing colour palette.

Sweet little touches likes bows, bunnies and top hats appear borrowed from the circus yet somehow feel like must have's for your child's wardrobe.

What child wouldn't love ballet flats with glittering crowns and a party dress with Tulle out to your elbows!

Many of the pieces we could also see sitting in our own grown up wardrobes, like this yellow pin striped jacket combined with yellow spotted leggings and patent shoes! Amazing...

To buy some of Annika's sweet designs, we recommend visiting either Mint and Persimmon or Juju Bunny Shop.

18 Apr 2014