Frida's Tierchen

Frida’s Tierchen is a gorgeous children’s brand that transports us right into the pages of one of our favourite childhood tales, Where The Wild Things Are. Boasting beautiful felt animal masks and amazing headpieces, we cant help but want to buy everything in the range and let our imaginations go wild...

The story of Frida’s Tierchen began six years ago in Barcelona when Maria Salamanca, formally a fine artist, was overwhelmed with the abundance of poor-quality, hyper-stimulating toys on offer for her new bub, Frida. She took matters into her own hands and started creating her own dolls to accompany Frida during her childhood.

Initially Maria just created things for family and friends, but they quickly became so in demand that she was able to start doing it full time. Each and every doll, mask and headpiece is handmade by Maria using natural fibres like cotton and wool. Even the fillings are environmentally conscious as they are made from polyester from recycled plastic bottles.

We don’t know about you, but we are particularly smitten with the gorgeous headpieces and masks and can't wait to get our hands on a few for the dress-up box. Check out more from Frida’s Tierchen here.