Iglo & Indi - Organic SS15

We love good news and today we have something exciting to share! From this day forward, iglo+indi's most popular and classic styles will also be available in organic cotton. The first organic cab off the rank is an awesome full-bleed panda print – plain and simple for the little lads while the girls’ pieces are adorned with yellow ruffles and bows. Too cute...

The new move into organic fabrics comes from the brand’s love of nature. The team acknowledges the shared responsibility of the world to look after and protect mother nature. Kudos to the team! We hope the more that brands behave like this, the more the end consumer will learn to change their own behavior.

Loved by parents and children alike and praised in the media for boldness and creativity, the Icelandic brand iglo+indi has offered parents a fresh take on children’s fashion since 2008. We love their entire range, which is always brimming with playful and practical threads that are a must have for active bubs. Check it out here.

22 Jun 2015