Kids On The Moon - MOONSAFARI

The new SS14 collection from Kids On The Moon 'MOONSAFARI' brings us face to face with adventure. The collection is about wild nature, being brave and tells the story of a group of kids travelling to the dark side of the moon...

The collection is filled with delicate camouflage patterns, stripes and magical prints including a starry unicorn. The soft colour palette of sandy beige, camouflage green, white and grey reflect nature and encapsulate the essence of adventure.

Magda Rams, founder and designer of Kids on the Moon tells us a little about the inspiration behind MOONSAFARI...
MOONSAFARI tells a story of kids’ travelling to the darker side of the moon during which earthly influences mingle with the unknown and magical. Where are the inspirations coming from? Kids on the Moon is a brand inspired by moonlight. This time we are taking kids and wild nature on a space journey.

Wild animal prints and flying tops paired with our "no gravity” motto result in a fascinating mix. MOONSAFARI brings together everything that is significant for Kids on the Moon – feeling of adventure, chasing one’s dreams and passion of play. Adventure hides in every step kids take and we want to make sure that they are ready to face all challenges of imaginative play.

Clothes from the MOONSAFARI collection fit the world of kids’ fantasy – camouflage bubble skirts, fly-away dresses and tops defy gravity. The inspiration behind them is of cosmic nature whereas the feeling of comfort, fabric quality and construction of our clothes is well grounded in earthly inspirations.

Why is the collection addressed to “little warriors and warrioresses”?
At Kids on the Moon we always try to escape the naïve and sugar sweet stereotype of childhood. Our kids face great challenges, meet with unicorns and drift between planets. And sometimes they are simply having a bad day at kindergarten. They need warrior spirit more often than we imagine…

Apparently, you still haven’t said everything about the MOONSAFARI collection?
That’s right! There are still two surprises connected with MOONSAFARI. Both are related to our brand’s strategic cooperation with Polish and foreign artists. And both support our mission of bringing art and fashion to kids’ world. By supporting young talented artists we want to show that true passion and talent go a long way – they make dreams come true, transform life and work into fascinating adventure and can shape our reality. Both surprises are to be expected shortly….

Photo Credits:
Photography: Marta Pruska
Hair: Krystyna Młyńska
Make-up: Gosia Sulima/ AFPHOTO