Le Carrousel FW14

The new winter collection from Le Carrousel is a whimsy of soft hues and beautifully cut pieces that would look as good on a child of yesteryear as they will on your little one of today...

The gorgeous collection of images are as if from a fairytale, with the children playing in the large empty rooms of an enchanted castle.

Le Carrousel first began in 2010 and takes it's inspiration from creator Marie Laure Renier's four small children.

It is a brand for children who love to run and spin and twirl, play hide-and-seek and whisper secrets to each other.

Influenced by her love of Paris and its Proven├žal roots, the brand has a decidedly French touch and all the fabrics are sourced and the garments made exclusively in Paris.

With this collection Le Carrousel invites you to a sweet and poetic winter filled with gold brocade, tulle, wool, liberty and powder silk.

Photos by Virginie Dubois
Graphic design by Gaelle Souppart

26 Dec 2014