Love My Smalls

Good things come in small packages. Puppies, tea, chocolate, bunny rabbits and babies… aint’ that the truth! So much so that this gorgeous brand from New Zealand, Smalls is taking small-power to the next lever by bringing the power of merino to your smalls...

Smalls is a wonderful business built from the ground up by two pals, who between them have six kids. Living in the UK at the time, the smalls were in fact babies at the time, and their wonderful grandparents kept sending them care packages full of beautiful merino products from the homeland.

Today Smalls creates a range of merino garments for children that look as good as they feel. Created to be worn and loved everyday, these gorgeous pieces are essentials in any little wardrobe.

“Smalls go with everything… our kiddies literally wear them all the time, to bed, to play, to school under school uniforms and to ski! Its more a question of when they don’t wear them!!” says one half of the creative team, EJ.

We love the simplicity of the classic designs and beautiful colours. Mix and match and wear them with any outfit throughout winter and keep your little one snug as a bug.

And the best news is they ship worldwide! Head over to the Smalls website to find out more.

13 Jun 2015