Morley AW14

We love when one of our favourite brands drops a new collection. It’s a bit like Christmas morning as we feverishly tear through every garment like a pair of hyperactive whippets. Once we’ve engulfed the entire range, we go back through each item one-by-one, more like a pair of snails, pouring over every piece with intense focus...

The AW14 Collection from much loved Belgian children’s brand, Morley, has made for one very happy (pretend) Christmas morning. We adore it.

Luxury fabrics with exquisite colours and texture make this range very special indeed and we cant get enough.

At first glance the clothes seem rather humble, boasting a certain old world charm to them. But when you really inspect them, and trust us we did, there is a beautiful modern sophistication that shines through too.

It’s the perfect balance of boho and chic and we want to buy every piece in the range. Not to mention run away to a hippy commune to live an effortlessly beautiful life as depicted in the stunning look book.

The collection was shot by Belgian photographer, Emilie Vercruysse, who has been the creative eye behind the lens for all the Morley campaigns. If you’re a prolific Pinterest pinner like us, you have no doubt pinned one of her shots for Morley at some stage.

Sincerity, natural beauty and rich colours are the main ingredients in Vercruysse’s lookbook for this charming new range. The beautiful images are so unaffected and genuine that we feel like we are looking through a family photo album from the seventies. We adore the unpretentious style of the campaign and think it really sums up the Morley brand.

Morley is a go-to children’s fashion brand for that avant-garde come mudpies and forts kind of look. You can find the full range along with a list of stockists over on the Morley website.

04 Aug 2014


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