Tutu Du Monde SS16

Aptly named ‘A Dream Within A Dream’, the enchanting new Spring/Summer ‘16 collection from Tutu Du Monde is nothing short of blissful. Never one to disappoint, the team from Tutu Du Monde have done it again...

Shadow Play, The Dreamery, Fallen Angel, and Flamingo Kisses are the names of signature pieces in this dreamy new range that will leave you feeling as if you are sitting on a cloud.

If you have a little girl, there is nothing quite like getting her dressed up in a stunning garment from this beautiful brand. Whether it is her birthday, she is throwing flowers at a wedding or graduating from kindergarten, a piece from Tutu Du Monde will make her look the part for her very special occasion.

Each piece in the new range is meticulously crafted and made with quality vintage materials. The range captures the spirit of traditional French ballet through a beautiful colour palette featuring softly hued tulle in shades of mauve, milk, palest pink, breeze, and a hint of cinnamon. So unbelievably pretty.

To find out more about the new range head over to the Tutu Du Monde today.

09 Feb 2016


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