We Love Huxbaby

If your favourite colours are similar to ours (black, black with white, black with black and the occasional splash of grey), it is highly likely that you will fall hard for children’s fashion label Huxbaby...

Huxbaby is about minimalist fashions for kids with an adult level of style. If dressing your tot from top to toe in bright colours kinda freaks you out, look no further than this little gem of a brand from Melbourne, Australia.

This super cool monochrome range is stylish, unique and comfortable. It totally pulls off an adult sense of style that is edgy and sleek, but somehow, through the use of fun prints and statement patterns the brand is also young at heart and really quite playful.

The unisex designs are designed to be worn by little dudes and dudettes in equal measure, and as an added bonus, are all made with extremely soft organic cotton. Tick, tick!

Without doubt, Huxbaby is for the mini-malist. So if you think less is more, head over to their website to find out more.

30 Mar 2016