Vellies x Opening Ceremony

As of this season, Opening Ceremony has become one of the few international stockists of Herbert Schier Vellies, working with them to create an exclusive Vellies line up. Photographer Jason Eric Hardwick, accompanied members of the Herbert Schier team on their recent trip to Namibia, and snapped some amazing images of their trip. Click through for the full story.

Worn by just about everyone in Namibia, Veldskoen boots, better known as "Vellies", are the original "desert boot". Created by Herbert Schier and hand sewn from two pieces of kudu hide, these boots are made in a workshop on the Namibian coast and are created entirely by hand. In the small village of Swakopmund, a team of eight local gentlemen carefully use every piece of hide, experimenting with new colour combinations and creating just 20 pairs in an afternoon. As the Kudu, a large antelope, eats precious crops in Namibia, Schier is working with local farmers so that government quotas for population control are met.

And the great news is there is no need to worry about your child growing out of their kid-size Vellies, as you can send them back to Schier for a discount on their first pair of big kid boots! The nicest touch of all is that the old pair you send back will be donated to a child from the village, who will send you a thank you card!

All the "models" in these photos live in or around Swakopmund, and are sporting OC-exclusive Vellies!

03 May 2013
opening ceremony

Karen Walker x Uniqlo

We wait with excited grins as the launch of Karen Walker's childrenswear collaboration with Uniqlo is due to hit stores any day now. The exclusive range of children's wear, entitled KW2 features cleverly playful prints, such as a maths grid, biro doodles of flowers and the Karen Walker bunny. Watch this space.

25 Apr 2013
karen walker