DIY Paper Ice Cream

Oh how we are torn over these Paper Ice Creams from Mr Printables. On the one hand they offer pastel, geometric perfection in a cone. But on the other, they are paper. Yes paper, meaning we can’t wrap our lips around them and enjoy those gorgeous minty flavours...

The advice from the crew at Mr Printables is to never say no to ice cream, even if they are made from paper. And given how ridiculously cool these paper popsicles look, we tend to agree.

The lines, the angles and the perfect pastel colours all take us straight back to our own childhood. Skating up and down the footpath, sucking on the most awesome varieties of ice blocks until the sun set and it was time to go inside and nag mum for more ice cream.

All the classic styles are there for you to create – the choc-dipped popsicle, the waffle cone and the ice cream sandwich. Head over to Mr Printables to find the instructions for this playful and free printable.