DIY Snow Globes for Stella McCartney

We were extremely exited to be invited by the legendary Stella McCartney to put together a Christmas DIY series for her blog Stella's World. We decided to create our own waterless snow globes which are just as fun to make as they are to look at...

- Empty Jars
- Foam Board or Thick Cardboard
- Fake Snow
- Miniature Christmas Trees
- Plastic deer / Snowmen / Polar Bears
- Hot Glue Gun / PVA Glue

Cut a circle from your foam board/cardboard that fits into the lid of your jar and leaves room for the lid to close. Using either a hot glue gun or PVA glue it in place. The circle will elevate the tree and animal above the snow.

Glue your choice of trees and animals onto the card in the lid, making sure the jar will fit over them to close.

Fill the jar a few centimetres deep with fake snow.

Once the glue has dried, tip the lid over, carefully insert the trees and animals into the jar then screw the lid on tightly.

Flip the jar over and ta-da! you have made your very own snow globe. A collection of different sized snow globes with different scenes inside make for a great centrepiece for your table or fun additions to your mantlepiece.

Frankie wears:
Lee Jacket, Lacie Jumper, Mariette Shorts, Hoppy Hat, Rabbit Knit Tights, Floris Shoes.

Ed Wears:
Claus Jumper, Barley T-Shirt, Pedro Trousers, Rusty Socks.

Thanks to the amazing Pics Miss Maya for shooting this fun DIY series.

You can download the step-by-step instructions attached. Happy Snow Globe making and Merry Christmas!

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