Printable - Up In The Air

Here is the next adorable printable created exclusively for Little gatherer by Artist in La La Land. Just print out the attached PDF's to create your own set of ballon cards and movable paper puppets...

Step 1
Download and print out the PDF's on card stock.

Step 2
Cut out all the bear parts with scissors or a craft knife.
Step 3
Assemble the paper puppet by joining the parts with paper fasteners. If you don't have a hole puncher, cut a tiny 'X' where the joints meet with a craft knife.

Step 4
Cut around the heart, leaving the top edge. Fold the heart along the dotted line the cut the edge of the heart shape. This way the front and back will match up perfectly.

Step 5
Cut twine 24-30cm long. Wind one end around the bottom and tie it off, then tie the other end around the back arm of the bear.
Step 6
Cut another piece of twine around 12-16cm long. Poke holes in the centre fold of the card then thread the twine through them in a loop. You can do the same with both the kitten and the bunny and string them together to create a cute garland.

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03 Oct 2013