Printable - Two-headed Clown

We are excited to present the first in an ongoing series of free printables created exclusively for Little Gatherer by the talented Artist in la La Land. This cheeky two-headed clown paper puppet is easy to put together great fun to play with...

To make your very own two-headed clown puppet, simply download and print the attached PDF on card. Note: The below instructions are also included on the PDF.

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out all the movable pieces and lay them in front of you in order.

You can then begin assembling the puppet by joining each piece together with a paper fastener.

If you cut a tiny 'X' where each paper fastener will go, it will make it much easier to piece together. Note: The two heads attach to the top of the torso with a single fastener.

When all the pieces are attached, your cheeky little two-headed clown will come to life! Have fun!

To check out more fun printables from Artist in la La Land, you can visit her etsy store.

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