Creative Showcase - Andrea Kang

You’ve got to admire the talent and imagination required to construct an original, fanciful world purely from scratch. Using a glorious gaggle of bears, girls and little creatures, this is exactly what freelance illustrator, designer and toy maker, Andrea Kang does...

We caught up with Andrea to find out more about her world and what makes her tick.
What do you love most about what you do?
Being able to do what I love everyday and having people connect with my thoughts through the art that I create.

What inspires your illustrations?
There’s so many things to choose from, but a lot of times they come from memories, dreams, and fables to name a few.

You also spend your time designing toys - what do you enjoy about creating in 3D format rather than 2D?
There’s something satisfying to see an image come to life and being able to physically hold it. I like the idea it becomes a solid presence in the world, that a person can look at it dimensionally rather than just on a flat plane.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Rhode Island?
There’s a couple of cute spots, Craftland and Frog and Toad. They both have some beautiful selections of handmade items as well as locally made goods.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I remember in 1st grade that I wanted to be a vet, think it’s because I’ve always loved animals and connected with them very well.

If you were to make the ultimate cupcake what flavour would it be? And what would it look like?
Tough one as I love everything sweet, but if I had to choose one, suppose it would be Dark Chocolate Chip Cayenne Salted Carmel.