Creative Showcase - Colette Bream

The world of Colette Bream is one of wonder and magic. A world filled with grinning cherries and happy apples, cosy houses and sweet knitted wings. Somehow Colette has the ability to capture what was so magical about being a child and knit it into a soft little side kick...

Inspired by the birth of her daughter Skye and a desire to rid her room of anything that wasn't natural, Colette set about creating in our opinion one of the most beautiful ranges of knitted goods on offer. "I was looking for something beautiful in its simplicity and innocence, and I wanted to accentuate that with colorful accessories. With that in mind, and with a nostalgic nod to my own childhood (perhaps in an attempt to bring old, faded memories back to life), Colette Bream was born."

Based in the U.S., Colette now spends her days creating her stunning collection of soft toys and homewares. From raindrops to party hats decked out in pom poms, there is something to make everyone smile.

Join as we find out more about Colette's wonderful world...
What inspired you to start your own brand?
My Daughter, Skye. My Grandmother taught me how to sew and knit when I was very young. She planted the seed and nourished the love for handmade in me that persists to this day. It intensified when my Daughter was born and I started making little toys and accessories for her room.

What started as a creative outlet grew into a full time business as I started selling some of those creations in an online marketplace. I am very grateful that I get to do what I love for living.

What do you love most about creating your beautiful toys and homewares?
My favourite part is the process of creating them myself – being directly involved in taking yarn and interlooping it to create fabric, to watch new objects being created from just a “long piece of string”.

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each character is slightly different - I really enjoy watching their little personalities come to life. The most rewarding part though is seeing the finished products in the customer’s nurseries and playrooms.

You work a lot in knit, what do you like about working in this medium?
Knit fabrics - depending on the yarn one uses, the knitting method and finishing technique - provide a vast variety of different textures. Not to mention, they are super soft, warm and cozy.

What was your most exciting adventure you had as a kid?
I grew up in the city, but my parents made sure that almost every weekend and entire summers were spent outdoors.

We used to have a little wooden cabin in the forest and it was a series of little adventures that took place while spending my time there: foraging for mushrooms and wild strawberries, getting caught in the storm in the middle of the woods (hours away from any shelter), playing hide-and-seek among hay stacks, late night campfires and games of dares… the list goes on and on.

Little things like that seem a lot bigger when you are a child. Children’s perception of things (surroundings and time) is so different from adults. Their time slows down. Our children “stick” their nose to the window when going on a trip, while we can’t stop planning ahead. They have the ability to look up at the clouds and see a bear or a dog, while we question if it is going to rain and whether or not we should grab an umbrella.

I strive to recreate those moments from my childhood where I would get lost in the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof, or stare into a wood grain looking for patterns and faces – little things like that were exciting to me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A librarian.

If you were to bake the ultimate cake, what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
Strawberry pomegranate cheesecake with white chocolate mousse.

07 Dec 2014