Creative Showcase - Tinyfolk

Tinyfolk is the perfect place where children, play, imagination and design meet. Created by Genevieve Dugard, a theatrical set designer, design lover and mother of two, Tinyfolk is the perfect mix of creativity and fun...

Born out of a desire to create thoughtful, sustainable products for children, Tinyfolk encourages open-ended play, providing a space for children's imaginations to learn and grow.

During her time as a set designer, Genevieve worked with many inspirational people - writers, directors, designers, performers, and puppeteers. This gave her an insight into how the imaginative and creative brain works, inspiring a lot of the decisions she makes when designing. "Our products leave children free to dream big, facilitating stimulating, imaginative play through good design and a splash of theatrics".

We asked Genevieve a few questions about Tinyfolk...
What do you love most about creating for Tinyfolk?
I love the freedom of design for children, and I love the way my children's play leads me to new discoveries in art and design. I get to rediscover my childhood through my work, it's so much fun.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by people living full, creative and generous lives, by the energy and abundance of children and their innovative natures, and by the power of storytelling.

You have left a lot of your products as blank canvases, how important do you think this is for childrens imaginations?
I am really passionate about leaving kids room to make their own choices. I think it's essential that play products for children do not aim to close a circle, finish a thought or make decisions on behalf of the child. I leave my products open-ended and imbued with possibility, so they provide multiple opportunities for imaginative, self-directed play - this is the place where children learn the best stuff of life.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be heaps of things - a lawyer, a hippie, a make up artist, an actress, a teacher, even the cliched astronaut - maybe I ended up being a little bit of everything!

What were your favourite spots to build forts when you were a child?
I loved hiding under the big table in the formal dining room where no-one ever went, with a sheet thrown over the top, and all my books and toys in easy reach. I remember the feeling of security, and loving the independence of being in charge of my own space (nothing much has changed). We also had an old trampoline frame which had long lost it's mat - my older brothers and I would twist it around and turn it over, constantly reconfiguring it to create new worlds to play in.

If Tinyfolk were a shadow puppet, what would you look like?