Such Great Heights

Adelaide based brand Such Great heights will bring your child's imagination to life with their gorgeous range cleverly designed children's products. From their iconic Wonder tents and capes, to art and clothes racks, every part of what they do inspires creativity...

We asked Jo and Ryan, the minds behind Such Great Heights, what inspires them...
What is the idea behind the brand?
Such Great heights endeavours to draw children back to rich, imaginative play. We design products that engage a child's mind and senses, and offer a pleasing aesthetic for adults.

The brand came about when we started our own family. We found ourselves thrust into the world of children's products and soon saw a need for thoughtfully designed pieces made from beautiful raw materials. With this in mind, we began making playthings, furniture and clothing for our girls.

From these humble beginnings, the seeds for Such Great Heights were sown. Now we are in a place where the two of us direct and drive the brand, and we collaborate with a big team of artists and makers from all over the world. To date, we've worked with people from Australia, USA, Spain, India, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and Mexico.

When did it all begin?
Our business will celebrate its second birthday in July 2014. The way in which it has flourished is nothing short of extraordinary.

It has enriched our lives in so many ways, but most importantly, we love that SGH brings creative practise into our everyday life. Knowing that our children are seeing us earning a living from this is incredibly rewarding. We have found our calling!

What do you love about designing products for children?
Children's minds are so open, they see things from a fresh, unbiased perspective. When you slow down for long enough to truly observe their actions and listen to their ideas, they have so much to teach us! Designing for children allows us endless opportunities, we are only limited by the boundaries of our creativity.

What inspires you?
First and foremost, our daughters, Daisy and Grace. Also, people who dare to follow their true calling in life.

Your products encourage creative play, why do you think it's important for children to use their imaginations?
The way we see it is that children who learn to dream and construct ideas and thoughts grow up to become interesting, resourceful adults. In these modern times, creativity is becoming one of the best sources of competitive advantage. This very valuable asset will take the children of today far in life.

What was your favourite game to play when you were little?
All the simple stuff, climbing trees, playing in the creek, endless hours of hide and seek. And making cubby houses, of course!

Where is your favourite spot to go camping?
With our kids it's Second Valley, SA. Incredible spot, the scenery is spectacular and the sandy beach there is perfect for the little ones. Growing up, it was Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay, where Ryan's family spent every Easter.

Such Great heights have some really beautiful and unique products soon to be launched, you can sign up to their Instagram and Facebook pages to stay in the loop.