Creative Showcase - Charlie Buckett

It might be called Charlie Buckett, but you will be behaving more like the chocolate-river-slurping Augustas Gloop when you visit Australia's first Meringue Boutique! This amazing sweet shop specialises in naturally gluten free hand made Meringue Kisses that are infused with an array of flavours like orange blossom, pistachio & rose and manuka honey...

If amazing flavours are not testing enough for your will power, you will be delighted to learn that they have an online store! So although Charlie Buckett is based in Melbourne they offer worldwide marshmallow shipping... mmmmmmm.....

The sweet tooth behind this sugary empire is Ashley Glasic. As a kid he wanted to travel the world as an airline cabin crew member, and that is exactly what he did for seven years. Now he is bringing back the nostalgic love for the traditional baked goods we all remember so fondly from childhood. I think we can safely say he is our hero!

We catch up with the Ashley to find out more about his delightfully sweet treats...
What is the idea behind Charlie Buckett and how did it start?
The idea behind Charlie Buckett originally, was to create a baked goods business that had a focus on traditional baking. This is what I love to do the most, being in the kitchen baking traditional sweets that we all grew up eating, biscuits, brownies, lamingtons and all those sorts of delicious sweets that you knew would always taste amazing.

The idea was to also not have a business that was gender specific, this is noticeable in our packing, we aim to be a sweets based business that can send gifts to both men and woman with classic black and white tones. It started at home in my kitchen, baking a couple of things, playing around with recipes then I'd buy a box or two that I could package items into then it just grew and grew from that.

What do you love most about creating beautiful Meringue's and sweet treats?
I love Meringues - I remember being taken to bakeries as a child and I would always choose the biggest, brightest Meringue I could see and eat it right away! As an adult and when I am away, I still do the very same thing! I love baking the classics and putting a modern spin on some items, some things are best left.

What inspires you?
Holidays! May sound strange, but when I get to take a break and relax on a beach with my partner it gives me to chance to reflect, assess in life whats going well, what needs improvement and to set my new goals for when I get home. Holidays inspire me, a time where I am truly relaxed, no interruptions, just my thoughts and an iPad (important for inspiration to see images etc) and enjoy the moment. This moment is coming up with Europe in a couple of months time.

What is your favourite creation to date?
Probably my Meringue Marshmallow cakes that I came up with, I didn’t realise how many people would love them. If its the wedding / birthday pink Meringue cake or the birthday white and pink one, I never knew that playing around in the kitchen with different textures and colours to create something that I would simply love would prove to be so popular - I guess half the reason is that nothing has been done like it before according to my own knowledge. I noticed the cake on the front page of a magazine a little while ago, the magazine follow us and although there was no mention, I was happy to see that my creation had been remade by a magazine to claim it as there own :-)

What is your fondest memory of being a kid?
I think being a kid is great memory in general. I have so many memories from being with all my family who are European and eating all the sweets my nana had made, to going on my first overseas holiday, to being raised by a single parent and all the fun we had together along the way from road trips, being taken into work for the day as there was no one to look after me at the time, to having sleep overs at my sisters house as she is much older so it was always so much fun staying at her place, going to bed so late and waking up late! For me, my childhood was enjoyable and it is hard to me to have just have one fond memory.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a child I remember always wanting to join the airlines and fly international as cabin crew, and that is exactly what I did. I remember flying as child and thinking ‘wow this is so glamourous’ but when I grew up and started flying I realised one thing, its not that glamorous when you are on an aircraft for over 14 hours and you cant get off, but love the job is something that I did. I remember getting my roster when I first started and thinking 'what countries am I going to this month!'

If Charlie Buckett were to create the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be? And what would it look like?
Hmm. . . that is a very good question. I am thinking it would have to have to something full of sugar and include sherbert! I am thinking a classic chocolate milk shake with chocolate syrup all around the glass, then having some whizz fizz sherbet cones on top, sprinkles and perhaps a mini donut around the straw. I love whizz fizz too!

We highly recommend heading over to the website see more of the delicious treats, or even better yet head into the store! Don't forget your bucket...

Visit Charlie Buckett...
84 Ormond Rd,
Elwood VIC 3184,