To Eat - Bread & Circus

Bread & Circus canteen in Sydney's Alexandria, is full to the brim with lush produce, mouth watering food and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere...

When you first walk into Bread & Circus you feel as though you have wandered into a village market. Situated in a large, open warehouse space that is shared with a variety of other new cafe's and bakery's, Bread & Circus is open and airy and lined with crates of fresh vegetables and preserves.

The delicious smells hit you next as you notice the cooks busily whipping up delicious wholefood dishes in the cafe's open plan kitchen.

You can slip into one of the colourful booths or take a seat at one of the plant filled communal tables before perusing their vibrant and eclectic menu.

Every dish appears to have been plucked from the garden moments before and their fruit salad could still be swinging in the breeze...

From baskets of juicy tomatoes to large bowls brimming with fresh farm eggs, it doesn't get much fresher than this.

So next time you feel your tummy rumbling and are wandering the streets of Sydney, you will be well satisfied at this delightful spot.

21 Fountain St.
Ph: 0418 214 425

25 Oct 2013