To Eat - Circus Circus

Circus Circus in the heart of Auckland's bustling Mt Eden, is a truly unique family dining experience. With it's striking circus themed decor and delicious food, the whole family will enjoy a visit to this great cafe...

It's expansive rooms are filled with clowns, circus posters and other decor sourced from around the world, giving the space an eclectic and cosy feel. Their welcoming staff and expansive menu demonstrate why they have so many loyal customers, many of whom are known by name. We asked Circus Circus a few questions about what makes their cafe so unique...

When did Circus Circus Cafe open and who started it?
Circus Circus was opened in 1995 by Jonathan Rickard, who still owns the business and remains involved in the day to day operations.

What is the idea behind it?
Circus Circus was born from Jonathan's love of old world Circuses, in particular the Ringling Brothers Circus. You can see this reflected in the many posters throughout the cafe and old live recordings from shows played in various areas. Jonathan wanted to create a relaxed and unique space where people could feel at home. Many of our customers are known by name, one family has even been coming in since the first day we opened 18 years ago.

What type of experience do you hope people have when they are there?
We strive to provide a welcoming, friendly and relaxed environment for all of our customers. Being open everyday from 6.30am - 11.00pm we have a wide range of visitors, from families to corporate groups and we cater to everything from breakfast to a late night dinner or dessert. We've even had a few wedding receptions!

Where did you find all your amazing decor?
Jonathan has a very keen eye! Our clowns and other decor have come from all over. We've also been lucky enough to have some pieces gifted by regular customers.

What is your favourite dish on the menu?
We can't go past the new Big Top Breakfast for a weekend brunch, otherwise anything with Head Chef Joe's house smoked salmon that was recently added to the menu is a winner.

Tell us something about Circus Circus Cafe that might surprise people
Our front kitchen is only small, luckily, we have a much larger one at the back of the cafe that means that we can make everything in house, this includes all of our cakes and baked goods which are produced by our two bakers. We also have popcorn and candyfloss carts available to hire, during the holidays we set them up in the cafe for the kids (and grown ups) for free.

Circus Circus Cafe,
447 Mt Eden Road,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Ph: +64 9 623 3833

The two hero images and the night shot are courtesy of Circus Circus, all other images are our own.