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Leon is a chain of restaurants in the UK that bring a whole new dimension to the idea of fast food. They believe that food should taste good while at the same time nourish the body and be kind to the environment. Their innovative, seasonal recipes are full of flavour and goodness and only use ingredients that they personally source from places they trust...

People fell in love with Leon right from day one, glad there was finally somewhere offering fast and nutritious food with a relaxed and comfortable place to eat it. Their clever and eye catching branding, store and packaging design really sets them apart and their always evolving menu keeps people coming back for more. Leon has even received an award from the RSPCA for the great care they take with the sourcing of their ingredients, regularly visiting their trusted farms.

We asked LEON a few questions about what sets them apart...
When did LEON open and who started it?
Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent and Allegra McEvedy joined forced and the first Leon opened on Carnaby Street in 2004.

What inspired you to open LEON? / What type of experience do you hope people have when they are there?
Henry, John and Allegra were becoming over more frustrated by the lack of good food available for those who were on the move a lot. They felt that fast food should taste great and do you good, and be served in a warm and welcoming environment by enthusiastic and smiley people. Failing to find many places that did, they decided to setup Leon.

LEON puts great emphasis on where their ingredients come from, and on using seasonal produce. How does this influence the food that you make?
We let the ingredients do the talking, so do as little to them as possible, flavouring them with fresh herbs and spices. We only use ingredients from farms we trust, and will change or tweak recipe if we are unable to maintain supply.

Our menu changes are always done with seasonality and sustainability in mind – so the ingredients often lead the way.

Tell us something about LEON that might surprise people...
The first thing Leon sold was an apple to a woman who walked into Carnaby Street as if she had been a regular for ages.

Leon has also published it's own collection of amazing cookbooks, full of their delicious, seasonal dishes. It's worth checking out the whole range: Ingredients & Recipes, Naturally Fast Food, Family and Friends, Fast Vegetarian, Baking & Puddings as well as their 'Leon Minis' range of miniature cookbooks: Brownies, Bars & Muffins, Breakfast & Brunch, Soups, Salads & Snacks, and Smoothies, Juices & Cocktails.

Leon now has a number of restaurants around the UK, you can click here for specific locations.
Ph: +44 0207 089 7070

28 Aug 2013