A Room To Celebrate

1. Ice Cream Sundae print from Laura Blythman. 2. Mint table lamp from Ollie. 3. Play tent from Deuz. 4. Pink pillowcase set from Fictional Objects. 5. Miss icecream postcard from Eef Lillemor. 6. King panda postcard from Eef Lillemor. 7. Skipping rope from Des Enfantillages. 8. Ice cream wall hooks from Charlie & Jae. 9. Frankie bed from Domayne. 10. Wire basket from Leo & Bella. 11. Bedside table from Harto. 12. Felt bowls from Mushkane. 13. Blush velvet bean bag from Kip & Co.

03 May 2015

Sleeping Things Simple

1. Sailor Poster from Pax & Hart. 2. Cloud wall hanger from tresxics. 3. Jesse clock from Hunting For George. 4. Wooden mushrooms from Briki. 5. Super Ted from Moma Le Shop. 6. Sleepy storage bag from Tell Kiddo. 7. Large white cloud from Donna Wilson. 8. Perch toddler bed from Oeuf. 9. Face hanger from Red Hand Gang. 10. Mini Triangle Pillow from Ferm Living. 11. Spotted skipping rope from Des Enfantillages. 12. Storage box from Out There Interiors. 13. Cord lamp from Design House Stockholm. 14. Mini bull black bean bag from Sitting Bull.

13 Apr 2015
black and white

Magic In My Room

1. 'The hat' poster from Walnut & Walrus. 2. 'Fables Hedvig Hibernates' print from Swiden Design. 3. Mini Pendant light from Winston. 4. Balthazar toy from Blabla. 5. Mr Bowlerman mobile from Flensted Nursery Mobiles. 6. Cushion cover from Lucky Boy Sunday. 7. Reversible cot blanket from Jamie Kay. 8. Triangle wall decals from Wall Effect. 9. Lightning bolt wall hook from The Wall Collective. 10. Grey stool from Malmo. 11. A4 drawers from Plyroom. 12. Singolo Single bed from Plyroom. 13. Felt petal bunting from Homely Creatures. 14. Ziggy Black Bean Bag from Woouf. 15. Wooden toy car from Kiko+. 16. Black wire bin from Menu. 17. Poltrona storage seat from Plyroom.

16 Mar 2015

A Jungle to Play in

1. 'Things with wings' print by Pete Cromer. 2. Splash Over the Rainbow Wall Clock from Talo Interiors. 3. Pink lamp from Studio Snowpuppe. 4. Mini pastel wild arrow set from Mineral and Matter. 5. Cloud mobile from The Butter Flying. 6. Hot cot pillowcase from Goosebumps. 7. Pineapple Pillow from Mimi’lou. 8. Pina Colada pineapple yellow lamp from Goodnight light. 9. Yellow tent from Deuz. 10. Alice stool from Rose in April. 11. Mint & denim organic bamboo directors chair from The Family Love Tree. 12. Heart pillow by Mareike Böhmer Graphics. 13. Fractal bear pillow by Budi Satria Kwan. 14. Gumball machine from Kiko+. 15. Micro pink cube bot from Leo & Bella. 16. Hot pink spot rug from Down to the woods. 17. Wooden cars from Kiko+. 18. Yellow wire basket from Down to the woods.

12 Feb 2015
neon jungle

A Storm In My Room

1. 'You are my sunshine' print by Eef Lillemor. 2. Lightning bolt wall decals from One Hundred Percent Heart. 3. Mini pendant in slate by Winston. 4. 'Here I Come' print from edit and vivo. 5. Lightning bolt wall hooks from The Wall Collective. 6. Lightning neon cushion from Ferm Living. 7. 'Be Kind' wall decal by Shanna Murray. 8. 'Bad Eye Lilly' from Lucky Boy Sunday. 9. Cloud cushion from Noodoll. 10. Shanty lamp by Paul Loebach. 11. Caravan converted cot from Kalon. 12. Knitted yellow pouf from CB2. 13. Grey cloud blanket from Donna Wilson. 14. Pinwheel rug from Armadillo & Co.

05 Feb 2015

Sleep in Paradise

1. 'Club Tropicana' print from Greg Straight Shop. 2. Gold diamond hooks by Rare Rabbit. 3. 'Apples Lemons' cushion cover from Zu Boutique. 4. Pineapple Pillow by Mimi’lou. 5. Pink Dipped Linen Quilt Cover from Lab. Boutique. 6. Catherine Wheel Cushion by Bella and Lace. 7. Yellow Teepee Basket by Olli Ella. 8. Twin Triangle cushion by Ferm Living. 9. Castello bunk bed from Plyroom. 10. Daisy rug from Armadillo & Co. 11. Rio Suitcases from Mimi’lou. 12. Elephant placemat from Cocon.

21 Jan 2015

The Little Golden Gift Guide

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond Gold Foil Print from Maiko Nagao. 2. Gold Magic Mini Wand from Numero 74. 3. Paper Gold Garland from Ferm Living. 4. Wooden Cat Thongs from Kiko+ Ashiato. 5. All natural Nail Vanishes from Nailmatic. 6. Dot Skipping Rope from Des Enfantillages. 7. Little Fluro Fleck Ozzie from Le Train Fantôme. 8. Little Unicorn Head from Flatout Frankie. 9. Ice Cream Paddle Board from Seedling. 10. Little Golden Wings from Shwings. 11. Sleeping Lion Pillow from Ava & Yves. 12. Clear Watermelon Bantam Cruiser from Globe. 13. Balloons Bracelet from Titlee. 14. Gold Cloud Bracelet from Hophophop. 15. Bobby Sunglasses from Sons + Daughters. 16. Wooden Toy Camera from Twig Creative. 17. Gold Dream On Dream Lion Pillow Case from Pop Factory Shop. 18. Wooden Pear Dollshouse from Rock and Pebble.

10 Dec 2014
gift guide

The Dreamers Of Dreams...

1. 'We are the music makers' print by Matthew Taylor Wilson. 2. Washed linen cushion in blush from Adairs. 3. 'Bite me' cushion by Nan Lawson. 4. Ice Cream mobile from Needle & I. 5. 'Sunday Sundae' quilt cover from Sack Me. 6. Bubble garland from Smallable. 7. Crochet S'more by Whimsy Loves Wit. 8. Crochet cupcake also from Whimsy Loves Wit. 9. 100% cotton blanky from Castle. 10. Caravan cot in red from Kalon. 11. Smartie cushion Mushkane. 12. Pink visu chair from Muuto. 13. Honeybake ice lollies set from Le Toy Van. 14. Jelly bear Lamp from Egmont Toys. 15. Peacock side table from The Family Love Tree.

23 Nov 2014

Boo In My Room

1. Bat wall decals from One Hundred Percent Heart. 2. Crying Heart poster from Pax & Heart. 3. Cushion cover from Oyoy. 4. Sleepy ghost cushion from Fabelab. 5. Golden Eye pillowcase from Kip & Co. 6. Golden Eye blanket from Kip & Co. 7. Cat toy from Anny Who. 8. Black Caravan dresser from Kalon. 9. Black Caravan cot also from Kalon. 10. Mono cat from Donna Wilson. 11. Gustave stool from Harto. 12. Beast rug from Thing Industries. 13. Black wire basket from Ferm Living.

20 Oct 2014

A Little Pastel Abode

1. Harlequin Wallpaper from Ferm Living. 2. Baby face plate from Donna Wilson. 3. Swan print from Paper Plane Store. 4. Mountainscape print also from Paper Plane Store. 5. Pink cloud pillow from Donna Wilson. 6. Display Houses from Bloomingville. 7. Wooden rabbit from OYOY. 8. Water green Z lamp from Leitmotiv. 9. Phoenix Pastel cushion from Adairs. 10. Pink Caravan drawers from Kalon Studios. 11. Visu chair in pale pink from Muuto. 12. The kiss blanket from Kate & Kate. 13. Wooly cushion from BlaBla. 14. Mozart Kugel from Siebensachen. 15. Junior bed from Mum And Dad Factory. 16. Pink Splash Varpunen Sack from Paper Plane Store.

29 Sep 2014