1. Moth suspended lamp Grey from Studio Snowpuppe. 2. Constellation coat hanger from Sentou. 3. Dinosaur Attack print by Cassia Beck. 4. Half yellow cushion from LAB. 5. Geometric square cushion cover from Me and Amber. 6. Wooden dinosaur from Ooh Look Its A Rabbit. 7. Triceratops head from Sincerely Louise. 8. Wooden dinosaur teether from Little Sapling Toys. 9. Green Caravan Cot from Kalon Studios. 10. Dinosaur cushion from Adairs Kids. 11. Retro Chair in Arena Neptune from Freedom. 12. Hairy ottoman from Thing Industries. 13. Storage toolbox in lemon from Harto. 14. Forest bed linen set from Garbo & Friends. 15. Yellow wire basket from Ferm Living.

13 Sep 2014

A Room Full of Flowers

1. Moth suspended lamp Yellow from Studio Snowpuppe. 2. White paper flower from Engel. 3. Pink paper flower also from Engel. 4. Floral Home print from Keeki. 5. Yellow diamond cut hooks from Rare Rabbit. 6. Vice Versa Linen Throw from Maison De Vacances. 7. Pink Love wall decoration from Numero 74. 8. Nathalie Lété rose wall stickers from Domestic. 9. Black dot cushion from April Showers. 10. Bermuda Yellow cushion from Adairs. 11. Flower cushion also from Adairs. 12. Caravan cot in white from Kalon Studios. 13. Yellow table lamp from Mark Tuckey. 14. Wooden rattle from Keepsake Toys. 15. Smartie Cushion in Pollen from Talo Interiors. 16. Eggcup stool from Mark Tuckey. 17. Two tone felt calabash from Muskhane. 18. Daisy floor rug from Armadillo & Co.

07 Sep 2014
kids rooms

Snowflake Sleeptime

1. 'Up' poster from Fine Little Day. 2. White deer head from Mini Templeton. 3. Paper lantern from Cotton On Kids. 4. Bowler pendant light from Paper Plane Store. 5. Baby polar bear cushion from By Nord. 6. Greenlandic boy cushion also from By Nord. 7. Large owl cushion from Areaware. 8. Polka dot wall stickers from 100 Percent Heart. 9. Change station from Plyroom. 10. Avo cot (transforms to a bed and a Junior desk) also from Plyroom. 11. Felt storage basket from Sne Design. 12. Sidekick side table from Paper Plane Store. 13. Dovetail dog from Areaware. 14. Ursa the bear also from Areaware. 15. Daisy Flower weave rug from Armadillo & Co.

18 Aug 2014

Tree Top Dreamer

1. Black pendant lamp from Muuto. 2. Bear sculpture from Urban Outfitters. 3. Denim wire cloud from Twenty One Fifteen. 4. Wooden bow and arrows from Smallable. 5. Beard from Oeuf. 6. Junior Quoits from Riversdale. 7. Stem coat rack from Lilly & Lolly. 8. Treehouse bed by François Lamazerolles. 9. Dream badge cushion from Pony Rider. 10. Gran Fir Tree Cushion from Fine Little Day. 11. Dark beige bedding set from Numero 74. 12. Dark forest cushion from Pony Rider. 13. Merlin 3 Dresser from Oeuf. 14. Black wire baskets from Lilly & Lolly. 15. Stormy Grey rug from Mushkane.

05 Aug 2014
tree houses

A Room Good Enough To Eat

1. 'Smiling slice of lemon cake' print by Melissa Patton. 2. Rattan Pendant Light Shade from The Family Love Tree. 3. Diamond cut coat hooks from Rare Rabbit. 4. 'Bite Me' pillow by Nan Lawson. 5. Sundae sheet set from The Land Of Nod. 6. Blush quilt set from Linge Particulier. 7. Felt key lime cake from Siro Soup. 8. Felt vanilla cake also from Siro Soup. 9. Crochet basket from La De Dah Kids. 10. Recycled Timber Pastel 3 Drawer from The Family Love Tree. 11. Cupcake cushion from Pretty Little Things. 12. Interconnecting balls from PlayableART. 13. Duet Twin bed from Nurseryworks. 14. Peach Rattan Round Chair from The Family Love Tree. 15. Horizontal Stripe Rug from La De Dah Kids.

23 Jul 2014

A Moon In My Room

1. Moonlight bear print by Seventy Tree. 2. Morris The Moon from Sara Carr. 3. Moon Hug pillow by Carbine. 4. My Spot Ochre cushion from Pony Rider. 5. Yellow cage light from Talo Interiors. 6. Victoria duvet in yellow from Rose In April. 7. Moon Struck pillow from Rust and Stardust. 8. Crescent moon cushion from Cuten Soft. 9. Star duvet cover set from H&M. 10. Smartie Cushion in pollen from Talo Interiors. 11. Perch toddler bed in birch from Oeuf. 12. Laundry basket from African Baskets. 13. Cardboard pod playhouse from Paperpod.

12 Jul 2014

A Room of Colours

1. Orange pendant light from Muuto. 2. Display box from Ferm Living. 3. Coloured cubebots from Serendipity. 4. Apple cushion from Bla Bla. 5. Triangle bassinet blanket from Uimi. 6. Dish set by Ekobo. 7. Cloud blanket from Donna Wilson. 8. 'Oh Happy Day' print from Paper Plane Store. 9. Dumbo mug from Seredipity. 10. Wooden rattle from Keepsake Toys. 11. 'Ay Snoop' from Luck Boy Sunday. 12. Polly doll from Lucky Boy Sunday. 13. Wooden blocks from Dora. 14. Kili cot from Sebra. 15. Laundry basket from African Baskets. 16. Grey pouf from Wayfair. 17. Felt ball from Serendipity. 18. Diamond rug from Urban Outfitters. 19. Chair from Sand For Kids.

28 Jun 2014

Swim While You Sleep

1. Blue sailing boat from Vilac. 2. Whale wall hook from Kids And Wood. 3. Bowler pendant light from Paper Plane Store. 4. Organic whale pillow from Bird Mafia. 5. Linen octopus pillow from Clayton Gray Home. 6. 100% wool gradient blanket from Dragonbebe. 7. Fisherman anchor print from Paper Plane Store. 8. Perch bunk bed from Oeuf. 9. Magical Thinking Woven Diamond Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters. 10. Natural woven rug from Ikea. 11. Blue rolling boat by Grimm's Spiel & Holz. 12. Natural ottoman from The Family Love Tree. 13. Blue Cotton Braid Pouf from Christopher Knight Home. 14. Anchor marquee light from Anthropologie.

04 Jun 2014

A Gem of a Room

1. Pink Aztec print from Jumbled. 2. Wooden puzzle from Timber Green Woods. 3. Wooden triangle teether from Little Sapling Toys. 4. Crystal Pinata from Prospect Goods. 5. Wooden Crystal Nursery from artist Matthew Koons. 6. Rough diamond pendant light from Ben-Tovim Design. 7. Scoop Tall Boy drawers from Lilly & Lolly. 8. DIY Paper Gems by Happy Mundane. 9. Geometric pillow from I Am Christina Bot. 10. Mr X pillow in peach from Pony Rider. 11. Pentagon dipped side table from Plum & Bow. 12. Indiana cot blanket from Uimi. 13. DIY wooden paperweight by Curbly. 14. Geometric storage box from Adonde. 15. Echo toddler bed from Kalon.

20 May 2014

Where Wild Things Sleep

1. Fable Foret Clock from Anthroplogie. 2. Little jade plants from Cocon. 3. Brown bear pillow from Bird Mafia. 4. Wallaby pillow from Utopia Goods. 5. Deer cushion from The Club Of Odd Volumes. 6. Ascent pillow from Coral & Tusk. 7. Feather bolster from Coral & Tusk. 8. Hazel Twigwam from Hedgehog. 9. Little deer doll from Abigail Brown. 10. Bassinet from Nature Baby. 11. Backcountry stool from Kalon Studios. 12. Felt slippers from Little Ewes Friend. 13. Creme throw from Aura Home. 14. Lambini rug in pollen from Talo Interiors.

12 May 2014
wild things