A Room of Lines

1. 'Lost My Viewmaster' print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Bowler Pendant Light also from Paper Plane Store. 3. 'Mandy' toy by Jane Foster. 4. Wooden wall clock from Talo Interiors. 5. Black wire baskets from Lilly & Lolly. 6. Yellow cushion from Aura Home. 7. Camera from Miko Design. 8. Striped cushion from Paper Plane Store. 9. Bright yellow chevron throw from Aura Home. 10. Badger-Man from Poketo. 11. Caravan cot in black by Kalon. 12. Simon Music Box from Esthex. 13. Yellow stool from Matt Blatt. 14. Felt rug from Lilly & Lolly. 15. Wooden rattle from Keepsake Toys. 16. Bedspread from Fine Little Day. 17. Wooden trike from Moulin Roty.

23 Apr 2014
lines and stripes

Sleep Like a Bunny

1. Bird In A Bunny Suit Print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Diamond hooks by Ferm Living. 3. House shelves by Bloomingville. 4. Rope bowls from Paper Plane Store. 5. Bamboo cot sheet from Littleville. 6. Bunny head from Macheanimal. 7. Arkana Stone cushion from Adairs. 8. Jumbo Moss Stitch Throw from Aura Home. 9. Rabbit cushion by Areaware. 10. Stem tree coat rack from Design By Them. 11. 'Mini Lewis' toy from Le Train Fantome. 12. Majestic Ottoman from Adairs. 13. Pippa crib from XO In My Room. 14. Felt carpet by Muskhane.

15 Apr 2014

Where Swans Rest

1. Little twigs wall mirror from The Land Of Nod. 2. Hanging light from Serendipity. 3. Paper wings from Serendipity. 4. Wooden word from Wood Be Jewels. 5. Oskar change station and drawers from XO In My Room. 6. Little swan from Abigail Brown. 7. Dot Stitch pillow from Anthropologie. 8. Swan pillow from Susigrafie. 9. Golden princess crown from Numero 74. 10. Eden bed from Incy Interiors. 11. Organic toddler bedding from Colette Bream. 12. Star bean bag from Nobodinoz. 13. Felt slippers from Little Ewes Friend. 14. Brass basket from Seredipity. 15. Soft Ottoman from Lilly & Lolly.

30 Mar 2014
swan lake

I Dream of Ice Cream

1. DIY Ice Cream garlands by Oh Happy Day. 2. Paint bucket lamp from Open Tip. 3. Ice Cream skipping rope from Vilac. 4. Bye Bye Birdy light from Koskela. 5. Ice Cream print from Old English Company. 6. Neon nightstand from The Land Of Nod. 7. Ice Cream block set from Inhabitots. 8. Ice Cream toy by Annabel Kern. 9. Dreamscape pillow by Ninola. 10. Prussian blue pillow from Adairs. 11. Knitted Ice Cream toy from Colette Bream. 12. Ioline toddler bed from Kalon. 13. Storage box from Adonde. 14. Canary pinwheel rug from Hunting For George. 15. Giant Ice Cream lamp from Great Big Stuff.

16 Mar 2014
ice cream

A Lion In My Room

1. Tiger print from Lucius Art. 2. Game shade wall lamp from Serendipity. 3. Brass and zink drum also from Serendipity. 4. Wooden lion head from Ali Express. 5. Golden porcelain crown from Serendipity. 6. Wooden stool from Fab. 7. Triangle cushion from Aura Home. 8. Tiger pillowcase from H&M. 9. Black spot cushion from Aura Home. 10. Tiger cushion from H&M. 11. Lion toy from Poosac. 12. Wooden bed from Serendipity. 13. Black knitted pouf from Darkroom London. 14. Orange cross rug from Aura Home.

07 Mar 2014
lions & tigers

A Room Of Hearts

1. Heart print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Organic shape art print from Ammiki. 3. Heart garland from Oeuf. 4. Face plate from Sketch Ink. 5. Geometric heart print by Skye Zambrana. 6. Turquoise table lamp from Sebra. 7. 'Dante Pink Geo' blanket by Bonnie Baby. 8. 'X' cushion from Pony Rider. 9. Nova Herringbone blanket from Paper Plane Store. 10. Grey Square sheets from Dwell Studio. 11. Heart pillow from Louis Louise. 12. Black Tica chair from French Blossom. 13. Echo junior bed from Kalon Studios. 14. Varpunen Sack Black from Talo Interiors.

23 Feb 2014

A Super Room

1. Masked cat print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Superman string lights from Urban Outfitters. 3. Vegas boneyard star light from Fromage La Rue. 4. Bright idea light from Urban Outfitters. 5. Lightening pillow by Ferm Living. 6. Alarm clock by Areaware. 7. Batman pillow from Zaradiy. 8. 'Be' pillow from Urban Outfitters. 9. Teak play chair from The Land Of Nod. 10. Night time pillow case from Pop Factory Shop. 11. Superhero doll from Dents De Loup. 12. Sunday Sunshine bed from Domayne. 13. Yellow desk lamp from Fenton & Fenton. 14. Blue side table also from Fenton & Fenton. 15. Super quilt from The Land Of Nod. 16. Super sham also from The Land Of Nod. 17. Armadillo & Co rug from Talo Interiors.

03 Feb 2014

A Mountain Abode

1. Watermelon print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Cloud bookshelf from Pop-Line. 3. Wooden mini peaks from Kinderboothen. 4. Otylie doll from LouLou and Oscar. 5. Baby bear mittens by Oeuf. 6. Moth origami lampshade from Pop-Line. 7. Mountain peak blanket by Donna Wilson. 8. Sunny day garland by Needle & I. 9. Crib quilt from The Land Of Nod. 10. Caravan cot from Kalon. 11. Rocking chair by Thorsten Van Elten. 12. Sheepskin cloud rug from RH Baby & Child. 13. Storage box by Adonde.

15 Dec 2013

A Room in the Mountains

1. 'Move mountains' print from May and Belle. 2. 'Be Happy' print from Zach Terrell. 3. Moth origami lamp shade from Smallable. 4. Wooden mountain bookshelf from Smallable. 5. Stump stool from Kalon. 6. Mountain coat range from Brave Space Design. 7. Up pillowcase from Fine Little Day. 8. Bear wonder tent from Such Great Heights. 9. Echo dresser from Kalon. 10. Big band rug from The Land Of Nod. 11. Kebnekaise knitted pouf from Little Red Stuga. 12. Echo toddler bed from Kalon. 13. 'The Sisters' cushion from Three Bad Seeds.

14 Dec 2013