A Room in the Mountains

1. 'Move mountains' print from May and Belle. 2. 'Be Happy' print from Zach Terrell. 3. Moth origami lamp shade from Smallable. 4. Wooden mountain bookshelf from Smallable. 5. Stump stool from Kalon. 6. Mountain coat range from Brave Space Design. 7. Up pillowcase from Fine Little Day. 8. Bear wonder tent from Such Great Heights. 9. Echo dresser from Kalon. 10. Big band rug from The Land Of Nod. 11. Kebnekaise knitted pouf from Little Red Stuga. 12. Echo toddler bed from Kalon. 13. 'The Sisters' cushion from Three Bad Seeds.

14 Dec 2013

Where Fairies Sleep

1.'Home of summer fairies' print by Julia Kovtunyak. 2. Little Jade Plants from Cocon. 3. Cloud lamp from Ferm Living. 4. Star mobile from The Butter Flying. 5. Star sheet set from Dwell Studio. 6. Glitter star cushion from Numero 74. 7. Candy String from Lucky Boy Sunday. 8. Toadstool night light from Heico. 9. Star bean bag from Nobodinoz. 10. Neon nightstand from The Land of Nod. 11. Theo crib from XO In My Room. 12. Leaf rug from Vivid Grey. 13. Lapin the rabbit from Designed By Alice. 14. Pure stone washed linen set from Serendipity.

07 Dec 2013

Sunshine Sleeping

1. Removable wallpaper from Urban Outfitters. 2. 'Hello' cage light from Talo Interiors. 3. 'Gretel' print by Middle of Nowhere. 4. Yellow wall clock from Talo Interiors. 5. Hand crafted hooks by Timothy John. 6. Yellow chevron pillow from Paper Plane Store. 7. Blanket by Luca Retro. 8. Rops bowls from Paper Plane Store. 9. Yellow slingshot also from Paper Plane Store. 10. Stacking blocks from Shop Dora. 11. Sunrise bed from Sand Furniture. 12. Zig Zag beanbag from Nobodinoz. 13. Felt rug by Mushkane. 14. Yellow ninja rug from Fenton & Fenton.

30 Nov 2013

Wood and Shapes

1. 'Mr Fox' print from May and belle. 2. 'Trigger 1' print by Lisa James. 3. Green bunting from My Little Day. 4. Artecnica Themis Mobile by Clara von Zweigbergk. 5. Blanket from Luca retro. 6. Patchy throw from Pony Rider. 7. Wooden pencil tree from Sisters Guild. 8. Stoolesk by Frederic Collette. 9. Geometric height chart from May and Belle. 10. Merino basinet blanket from Uimi. 11. Crystal crayons from Shop Dora. 12. IoLine Toddler Bed from Kalon. 13. Settlement kids backpack from Herschel.

27 Nov 2013

Geometric Dreaming

1. Red bunting from My Little Day. 2. Black pendant lamp from Muuto. 3. Tri-angled geometric wall art by Xavier & Me. 4. Miss Owl print from May & Belle. 5. Wire deer head from Fenton & Fenton. 6. Crystal wall decal from Urban Outfitters. 7. Mint chevron pillow from Paper Plane. 8. Merino triangle bassinet blanket from Uimi. 9. Cotton knitted baby blanket from Bonnie Baby. 10. Zig zag height chart from May & Belle. 11. Metal turquoise chair by Sebra. 12. Rocky children's bed from Jaell und Tofta. 13. Rope baskets from Paper Plane.

25 Nov 2013

A Room Under the Stars

1. Bear hug print by Matthew J. Parsons. 2. Stay true art print by Hammerpress. 3. Wooden arrow by Three Potato Four. 4. Little knitted bear by Colette Bream. 5. 'Lets get in tents' print by Leah Flores. 6. Crocodile Head Wall Sculpture from Urban Outfitters. 7. 'Adventure is out there' print by Zach Terrell. 8. Indoor explorer pup tent from The Land Of Nod. 9. Woodstock containers by Funtastic plastic. 10. Bear pillow from The Land Of Nod. 11. Log pillow from The Land Of Nod. 12. Campfire set from The Land Of Nod. 13. Brown plaid flannel sheet set from The Land Of Nod. 14. Winter blanket from Numero 74. 15. Arrow pillow from Confetti Riot Shop. 16. Terry the Tree Trunk by Colette Bream. 17. Kids camp bed from Numero 74. 18. Toy camp stove from Educational Insights.

20 Nov 2013

Monochrome Mini-Space

1. Black felt garland from Felt Foxes. 2. Sailor Jack by Lucky Boy Sunday. 3. Motastic fox from May and Belle and Joeyjellybean. 4. Highchair from Alvar Aalto. 5. Bobby chair pillow in charcoal from Lucky Boy Sunday. 6. Black pillow from Fresh Ideas. 7. Crocodile toy from Japanese Zoo. 8. Wooden Black sheep from Shelf/Life. 9. Round floor rug from Where We Lay Interiors. 10. Caravan Crib in black from Kalon Studios. 11. Billie badger rug from Sew Heart Felt.

17 Nov 2013
black and white

A Place to Play

1. Rabman poster from MiniWilla. 2. 'Kid, you'll move mountains' print from Erupt Prints. 3. My first smartphone from I-Wood. 4. Black resin deer head by White Faux Taxidermy. 5. Black striped teepee from The Land Of Nod. 6. Zig zag children's armchair by Jennifer DeLonge. 7. Wooden toy camera from Twig Creative. 8. Black matchstick quilt cover from Kip & Co. 9. Magical thinking pillow from Urban Outfitters. 10. Spotted storage basket from la Cerise Sur Le Gateau. 11. Striped rug from Fenton & Fenton. 12. My First Chalkboard Laptop by Donkey Products. 13. Hand-knitted pouf from Christien Meindertsma.

14 Nov 2013
black and white


1. Robot wallpaper from Ferm Living. 2. Galvanized pendant by R H Baby & Child. 3. Cubebot by David Weeks. 4. Robot poster by Jan Skácelík. 5. Sheet set by Dwell Studio. 6. Little mint geometry pillow by Ferm Living. 7. Yellow cushion by Lilly & Lolly. 8. Vert menthe skateboard by Globe. 9. Orange vintage chair from Les Petits Bohemes. 10. Radio by Lexon. 11. Mr Large Robot from Ferm Living. 12. Mr Small Robot from Ferm Living. 13. Hand dyed cushion from Les Petits Bohemes. 14. Denim sneakers by Keep Kids. 15. Callin Daybed by Plum & Bow. 16. Yellow rug by Muskhane. 17. Hand knitted pouf by Christien Meindertsma.

04 Nov 2013

Halloween Hideaway

1. DIY Skull Garland by Lovely Indeed. 2. Black skull cushion from Pretty Little Things. 3. DIY Halloween Pom Pom's by Mr Printables. 4. Happy Halloween print by Syd Hanson. 5. Kid's Scoubidou chair available from Pop Line. 6. Fancy finger cushion by Lucky Boy Sunday. 7. Little Peppe blanket by Lucky Boy Sunday. 8. Bobo Beauty baby doll also by Lucky Boy Sunday. 9. Organic halloween teether set by Bannor Toys. 10. Boo pillow cover by Pillow Hound. 11. DIY shadow puppets by Minieco. 12. Face plywood boxes by Ferm Living. 13. Toddler bed by Rafa Kids. 14. Dark grey rug from Ikea. 15. Black wire basket also from Ferm Living.

30 Oct 2013