Homeware Spreads

A Place To Float Away

1. Balloon Pouf from Serendipity. 2. Dot handles by Anne Black. 3. Balloon print by Party In The Mountains. 4. Bilumin Balloon light from Dutch Details. 5. Alarm clock from Serendipity. 6. Yellow velour cushion by Lilly & Lolly. 7. Balloon animal cushion from Anais and I. 8. Love & Shapes Garland from Lilly & Lolly. 9. Quilt and pillowcase set from Kip & Co. 10. Teal stool from Malmo. 11. Circle felt rug also from Lilly & Lolly. 12. Yellow bed from Mae.

02 Oct 2013 homewaresballoons
Homeware Spreads

A Night In Wonderland

1. March Hare wallpaper in red by Jane Churchill. 2. White Rabbit print from Madame Bricolage Print. 3. Kids black leather armchair from Icon Designs. 4. Vintage dolls pram from Leli shop. 5. Bunny Rabbit mask from Costume Hub. 6. Red pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters. 7. Arabica Cat from Les Petits Bohemes. 8. Red carpet from Ikea. 9. Amelia Bed from Plum & Bow. 10. Vintage alarm clock from VintageAdoptions. 11. Alice cushion cover from Choosy. 12. Marino wool blanket by Sunday Ganim.

Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

A Field of Dreams

1. Compass print by Zach Terrell. 2. Animals Peg from All Lovely Stuff. 3. Cloud Lamp from Ferm Living. 4. Dotty rose bedding also from Ferm Living. 5. Sheep Rocking Horse from Purnorsk. 6. Studio from Ferm Living. 7. Winter Branch from Cocon. 8. Cloud pillow from Qeuf. 9. Storage basket from Muskhane. 10. Rabbit rug from H&M. 11. Knit cotton pouf from RH Baby & Child. 12. Sparrow cot in grey from Oeuf. 13. Felt carpet from Muskhane.

Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Spell yourself to sleep

1. ABC print by Snug. 2. Rattle from H&M. 3. Recycled felt pillow from Alexandra Ferguson. 4. Ha Ha cushion cover from Pretty Little Things. 5. Giant DIY letters by Oh Happy Day. 6. Shanty Lamp by Paul Loebach. 7. Overalls chair by Sand Furniture. 8. DIY alphabet pom poms by Mr Printables. 9. Stripe quilted blanket from Fawn & Forest. 10. Ampersand bag from Alphabet Bags. 11. Kids Classics from Design Letters & Friends. 12. XYZ Blocks by Fred. 13. Wire basket in Mint from Fawn & Forest. 14. Caravan cot in raw by Kalon.

11 Sep 2013 homewaresalphabet
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

To Tame a Lion

1. Junior lion bank from Jonathan Adler. 2. Paper Pouf Pom Pom Chandelier from Parcel. 3. Circus print by Twiggs Designs. 4. Lion face print by Ingela P. Arrhenius. 5. Embroidered balls from Serendipity. 6. Distressed Carnival lettering from Edies Lab. 7. Caravan dresser in black from Kalon. 8. Auggie solid sheet in Fern from Fawn & Forest. 9. Auggie striped sheet in Fern also from Fawn & Forest. 10. Orange cushion from Heals. 11. Yellow ruched throw pillow from The Land Of Nod. 12. Crocheted Lion Rug from Jonathan Adler. 13. Orange zig zag rug also from The Land Of Nod. 14. Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib from DaVinci.

08 Sep 2013 homewarescircus
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

A Circus in my Room

1. Carnival print by Scarlett Ella. 2. Strong man print by Amy Borrell. 3. Game shade wall lamp from Serendipity. 4. Miniature ride-on elephant toy from Weazilla. 5. Foot stool cover from Juream Box. 6. Crocheted Lion by Nathan Vincent. 7. Vintage illuminated arrow from RH Baby & Child. 8. 'X' cushion by Pony Rider. 9. Magician cushion from Lapin & Me. 10. Big top cushion from Howkapow. 11. Trumma from Acne Jr. 12. Green Eames chair from Les Petits Bohemes. 13. Printed room divider from Oriental Furniture. 14. Chevron rug from The Land Of Nod. 15. Oslo crib by Ducduc for The Land Of Nod.

05 Sep 2013 homewarescircus
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Green Dreaming

1. Preservative-free rubberwood stacking tree from leading eco toy company Plan Toys. 2. Non-toxic Wooden Peg Dolls by Goose Grease. 3. 100% boiled wool baby book by Needle & I. 4. Wooden lamp from Muuto. 5. Organic Tea Tree pillow from Tetra. 6. 100% Cotton and Wool peach polka dot cloud cushion by Needle & I. 7. 100% merino wool blanket by Uimi. 8. Organic Print Cushions available from Nature Baby. 9. Merlin 3 draw dresser by eco-friendly brand Oeuf. 10. Birch change station by Oeuf 11. Pablo the Pigeon also by the amazing Oeuf. 12. Birch Sparrow cot to match change station by Oeuf. 13. 100% recyclable bedside toadstool by Flatout Frankie.

29 Aug 2013 homewareseco
Homeware Spreads

A Room of Shapes

1. 'Poster Cirkus' by Moa Hoff. 2. Bauhaus hook by Domestic. 3. Limited edition Shapemaker blocks from Miller Goodman. 4. Meteorite quilt from The Land Of Nod. 5. 'My grey chambray' pillowcase from The Land Of Nod. 6. Splash pillowcase from Fine Little Day. 7. Light blue meteorite shame from The Land Of Nod. 8. 'My grey chambray' sheet set from The Land Of Nod. 9. Pom pom garland by Ministyle. 10. Yellow office lamp by Salt & Pepper. 11. Duet twin bed by Nurseryworks. 12. Turquoise Luxembourg table by Fermob. 13. DIY cereal box houses by Bella Dia. 14. Grey Fouta by House of Rym.

14 Aug 2013 homewaresshapes
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

A Monster Under My Bed

1. Downloadable monster print from Black and Type Shop. 2. Black letterpress monster print from The Big Harumph. 3. Purple socket lamp from Muuto. 4. Eye pillow from Lucky Boy Sunday. 5. Uffie pillow also from Lucky Boy Sunday. 6. Gerald the pajama monster by My Friend Monster. 7. The famous 'Fuzzy' chair first designed by Sigurdur Mar in 1972. 8. Convertible bed 'Accroche-coeur' in bubble gum by Laurette. 9. Twin horned monster pelt by Stitches and Glue. 10. Danny blue doll from Lucky Boy Sunday. 11. 'The comforter stands alone' from The Land of Nod. 12. Monster claws for kids from Monster Slippers. 13. 'My grey chambray sheets' also from The Land of Nod.

08 Aug 2013 monstershomewares