A Room of Shapes

1. 'Poster Cirkus' by Moa Hoff. 2. Bauhaus hook by Domestic. 3. Limited edition Shapemaker blocks from Miller Goodman. 4. Meteorite quilt from The Land Of Nod. 5. 'My grey chambray' pillowcase from The Land Of Nod. 6. Splash pillowcase from Fine Little Day. 7. Light blue meteorite shame from The Land Of Nod. 8. 'My grey chambray' sheet set from The Land Of Nod. 9. Pom pom garland by Ministyle. 10. Yellow office lamp by Salt & Pepper. 11. Duet twin bed by Nurseryworks. 12. Turquoise Luxembourg table by Fermob. 13. DIY cereal box houses by Bella Dia. 14. Grey Fouta by House of Rym.

14 Aug 2013

A Monster Under My Bed

1. Downloadable monster print from Black and Type Shop. 2. Black letterpress monster print from The Big Harumph. 3. Purple socket lamp from Muuto. 4. Eye pillow from Lucky Boy Sunday. 5. Uffie pillow also from Lucky Boy Sunday. 6. Gerald the pajama monster by My Friend Monster. 7. The famous 'Fuzzy' chair first designed by Sigurdur Mar in 1972. 8. Convertible bed 'Accroche-coeur' in bubble gum by Laurette. 9. Twin horned monster pelt by Stitches and Glue. 10. Danny blue doll from Lucky Boy Sunday. 11. 'The comforter stands alone' from The Land of Nod. 12. Monster claws for kids from Monster Slippers. 13. 'My grey chambray sheets' also from The Land of Nod.

08 Aug 2013

House within a House

1. 'Home is where the heart is' print by Petit Collage. 2. Little house pillow by Colette Bream. 3. Deskhouse from Nine to Nine. 4. House shaped pin board from Ferm Living. 5. Little wooden town by Kukkia. 6. Cloud carpet from Pilepoil. 7. Sunroom house lamp from Serendipity. 8. Gorgeous DIY house bed by interior designers Bonne Soeurs. 9. Grey polar throw by Douuod. 10. Homy home pillow also from Colette Bream. 11. Scouts Honour throw by Pony Rider.

04 Aug 2013

Dreaming of Fruit

1. 'Keep it peachy' print by Peachlings. 2. Littleman desk lamp from Anthropologie. 3. Striped apple pillow from Oeuf. 4. Crochet pears by Little Conkers. 5. Green apple pillow by Jonathan Adler. 6. Toy wire shopping basket from The Child Minding Shop. 7. Organic food apron from Bobo Choses. 8. Honeybee market fruit from Le Toy Van. 9. Children's market stand from Ikea. 10. Junior cover duvet by Vent Contraire. 11. Green apple stool by Mushroom Giftware. 12. Birch toddler bed by Oeuf.

27 Jul 2013

The Purrrrfect Room

1. Curl up with this cosy blanket from Ferm Living. 2. Adorable cat toy from The Black Apple. 3. Black cat pillow from Society6. 4. Big eye cat pillow from Scout Mob. 5. 'Three cats' painting by Pretty Little Thieves. 6. Knitty kitty print by Seventy Tree. 7. Regatta yellow crib sheets from Unison. 8. Adorable felt yellow booties also from Unison. 9. Black triangle basket from Ferm Living. 10. Sit and read your favourite book on this yellow knitted urchin pouf from Christien Meindertsma. 11. Chalkboard stool from No Toys. 12. You'll be sitting pretty on the Hukit Chair. 13. They'll be sleeping soundly in the gorgeous Clancy Cot.

18 Jul 2013

Sleep Beneath the Stars

1. Chart you journey through the stars on this industrial rivet chalkboard from RH Baby & Child. 2. Socket lamp from Muuto. 3. Star stickers from Serendipity. 4. Constellation Wall Decal from Urban Outfitters. 5. Silver star music box from Cotton Baby. 6. 'Dream of the stars' print from The Blackbird Sings. 7. Keep track of your stargazing with this alarm clock from Areaware. 8. Magical Thinking Constellation Globe from Urban Outfitters. 9. Metal camp bed by Numero 74. 10. Biscuit star cushion from Nobody noz. 11. Bedding also from Numero 74. 12. Store your treasures in this wall pocket from Adonde. 13. Spend your evenings gazing at the stars with this great telescope from Telescopes.com. 14. Grey felt carpet from Muskhane. 15. Silver pouf from Serendipity.

11 Jul 2013

Dreams of Treasure

1. Wall flag from Blacklist. 2. Vintage pendant light from Wayfair. 3. Porthole clock from The Cape Cod Store. 4. Plan your next adventure with this vintage world map from RH Baby & Child. 5. 'Mr Lion Heart' by JipiJipi. 6. Wooden anchor from Three Potato Four. 7. Wooden pirate ship from Aero1Toys. 8. Anchor cushion from Land of Nod. 9. Black compass cushion from Society6. 10. Dream of treasure in this cool wooden bunk from RH Baby & Child. 11. Stool from Crate Expectations. 12. Throw your dirty clothes to the sharks with this laundry basket from Kid Crave. 13. Spot treasure islands with this telescope from Nautical Beach Decor. 14. Stay warm on the high seas with these woollen throws from New Beach Road.15. Vintage lantern from RH Baby & Child. 16. White wooden skull from Acne Jr. 17. Wire basket from Three Potato Four. 18. Vintage play table also from RH Baby & Child.

05 Jul 2013

An Acrobats Abode

1. Write their name in stars with these beautiful letter from Edies Lab. 2. Star wall stickers from Ferm Living. 3. Lovely little chihuahua fairy from abc home, the perfect room companion for putting on a show. 4. Marie Willumsen little clown print. 5. Metal coloured stars from Les Petits Bohemes. 6. Gorgeous antique child's chair also from Les Petits Bohemes. 7. Add a touch of magic with these globes from abc home. 8. Also from abc home is this beautiful acrobat mouse. 9. Tate toddler bed from RH baby&child. 10. Make your own drum pouf with this great DIY tutorial from ariadne at Home. 11. Brass Drum from Serendipity. 12. Pink Poodle from karmakiss. 13. Bobby blanket luckyboysunday. 14. Add some sparkle with these Serendipity sequin baskets.

28 Jun 2013

Glow Sticks & Lullabies

1. Pom pom garland from Mimosette. 2. Powder coated wire lampshades from Koskela. 3. Neon art from Miranda Skoczek. 4. Fluro Spot Print by Rachel Castle. 5. Embroidered Ball available from Serendipity. 6. Fluro Yellow Spot Pillowcase from Castle. 7. Neon pink bedding from the wonderful Noé & Zoë. 8. Find the perfect place for toys with this Mimosette Crochet Basket. 9. Molly n Me neon pink Cuckoo Clock. 10. Neon bedding from Noé & Zoë. 11. Neon Knit Cushion from Freedom. 12. Atsuyo et Akiko x Jess Brown pink doll, available at Kido Store. 13. Neon Yellow Holy Stool. 14. Kalon Caravan Cot available in a range of colours. 15. Noé & Zoë Baby Blanket. 16. Brightly coloured wooden giraffe by Dwell Studio. 17. Geometric Neon Art Blocks from Sketch Inc.

16 Jun 2013
noé and zoë