A Room of Dots

1. Spotted throw from Kido Store. 2. 'Mint bow & the dots' pillow cover from Envelop. 3. Dot Stitch Pillows from Anthroplogie. 4. Candy string by Lucky Boy Sunday. 5. Wind-up music ball from Safari Living. 6. Molecule building set from Ferm Living. 7. Circle print from Annaka Bazaar. 8. Juggling bear print also from Annaka Bazaar. 9. Black and white pillow cover from Whitlock and Co. 10. Cylinder cushion from Ferm Living. 11. Pink cylinder cushion also from Ferm Living. 12. Knitted pouf from CB2. 13. Dotted Kiki chair from Anthropologie. 14. Kalon Echo Toddler Bed from Fawn and Forest. 15. Circle garland by Oeuf.

31 May 2013
spots and dots

Woodland Dreaming

1. Soft sheepskin from Nature Baby. 2. Racoon print by Ryan Berkley. 3. Bambi clock from Decoylab. 4. Tree wallpaper from Cole & Son. 5. Diamond hooks from Ferm Living. 6. Posable Wooden Bear from David Weeks Studio. 7. Knitted Tip Top Tree from Lucky Boy Sunday. 8. Cute critters from Needle and Felt. 9. Deer Bedspread from By Nord. 10. Tree branch decals by Mae Wall. 11. Fawn Lamp from Egmont. 12. Sparrow Toddler Bed from Oeuf NYC. 13. Owl pillow from Ross Menuez. 14. Rock Toys from Armadillo Dreams. 15. Wire Basket from Ferm Living. 16. Retro Lamp from Idyll Home.

17 May 2013