Cutie Booties

Wellingtons are probably a good choice of boot when you’re out chasing storms. But when you’re snuggled up inside your basinet feeling cute and cuddly, these adorable knitted baby wellies are the way to go...

Cute is not a word that does these baby booties from La Mare'maille justice. We love the bold colours and classic stripe and think they would make the perfect gift for a little boy or girl.

06 Feb 2015

Cuddle a cloud

These adorable Cloud and Raindrop Cushions are handmade in France by a little company called . Embroidered completely by hand the care and craftsmanship in these very special creations is second to none...

Perfect for the nursery, there is something quite calming and serene about coupling two sleeping clouds together.

Founded in May 2010, offers accessory creations for decoration, illustrations and a range of stationery in a minimalist and poetic style.

Head over to their website to see more of their charming range.

03 Feb 2015

DIY Baby Shoes

Baby’s first Christmas calls for baby’s first pair of shoes… and they don’t come much cuter than these DIY numbers. Now don’t be scared off by the thought of making your own pair of shoes for your little one, they are super easy to create and you will feel twice as accomplished when you lace them up...

First Baby Shoes is a Polish brand creating cool little baby shoe making kits. Each kit contains soft and breathable natural leathers, two skid-resistant soles and two cushioned insoles, warm lambs wool lining and a pair of cute cotton shoelaces.

You also get a special set of thread and needles and a handy set of instructions to guide you along the way. Everything is packed in a beautiful keepsake box, meaning you can keep the shoes in the family forever.

For more information head over to the First Baby Shoes website.

28 Dec 2014

The Lovely Kalinka

These gorgeous handmade garments from children’s brand Kalinka remind us of being wrap up snug as a bug in a blanket knitted by grandma. And oh what a special, cosy and safe feeling that was...

The Kalinka range is suitable for children 0-2 and is completely handcrafted in Bulgaria using 100% Merino wool sourced from Peru. Now don’t worry, none of that itchy and scratchy old-school wool has been used, only a special type of yarn renowned for its comfort and softness on the skin.

The entire range is hand-knitted with a lot of love and passion by a gaggle of Bulgarian grandmothers who carry on a century-old knitting tradition passed down through generations.

We love the classic cardigans and beanie hats, but it is the all in one suit that has won our hearts. Practical, warm and comfortable, we are just adoring this modern take on the old-world look.

To check out the entire look book or make a purchase, head over to the Kalinka Kids Website today.

18 Dec 2014

Stylemaker - Hubble + Duke

What do you get when you take three creative mums with eight kids between them and a whole lot of coffee? A beautiful collection of children's handmade leather Moccasins. Thats what!

Say hello to Hubble + Duke. A gorgeous brand created in Western Australia by Jo, Katie and Rosie, three clever mums with a great eye for design. Rosie is an Interior Architect, Jo has a marketing background and Katie actually studied philosophy at University but always had a keen interest in design.

With eight lovely children of their own (who are aged between 1 and 6) the idea for Hubble + Duke was created over coffees at the park on Hubble Street. "We have always sewn and created things for kids since having our own." So with a bucket load of passion and drive these three talented mumma's decided to create a business that would enable them to follow their dreams while at the same time work from home.

All of the Hubble + Duke Moccasins are handmade using 100% genuine leather and come range in sizes from newborns, to toddlers and even walkers. They are soft yet hardwearing making for happy little feet and happy mumma's. They have an elasticated opening which means they fit snuggly on little feet, and are easy to get on but tricky to kick off.

With such a great response Hubble + Duke now also offers a range of other lovely products, from golden leather crowns to gorgeous printed tees. We definitely recommend heading over to their website and letting the "ooohh and ahhhs" commence.

We caught up with the three wonderful mothers behind Hubble + Duke to find out what inspired their wonderful brand...
What inspired you to start Hubble + Duke?
Hubble + Duke started over a coffee and the noise of our eight children at the playground on Hubble Street. (Just near Duke St).

We were inspired by the online community of creative and entrepreneurial mums (mainly on Instagram) and dreamed of starting a dynamic children's brand. We hoped to create a business that would enable us to follow our passion while working together from our homes.

With all our kids ranging from one to six we never have to look far for gorgeous little ones to test our wares – our biggest girls are thrilled we’re doing larger sizes in our new clothing range!

What do you love most about designing products for kids?
The whole process! Making products that are classic, comfortable and look beautiful! We love making pieces that appeal to mothers with style, but are also super comfy for babies and kids!

What inspires your designs?
We are constantly inspired by all the amazing kids brands we follow through social media. We love simple and classic clothing for our children and initially went about designing specific clothes for them. We love seeing so many beautiful babies and children in our pieces. It really gives us all such a sense of pride.

Where are your favourite places to shop for kids in Fremantle, WA?
There are so many gorgeous stores in Fremantle... For kids we love Willow and the Bowerbird in East Fremantle and Mini Marche and The Corner Store in Fremantle.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Rosie - An Architect... Katie – A Pilot... Jo – A mum.
If Hubble + Duke were to make the ultimate cupcake, what flavour would it be?
Having 8 kids between us, we are constantly making cupcakes for parties! Our kids like anything bright and with sprinkles!

11 Dec 2014
style makers

The Dreamers Of Dreams...

1. 'We are the music makers' print by Matthew Taylor Wilson. 2. Washed linen cushion in blush from Adairs. 3. 'Bite me' cushion by Nan Lawson. 4. Ice Cream mobile from Needle & I. 5. 'Sunday Sundae' quilt cover from Sack Me. 6. Bubble garland from Smallable. 7. Crochet S'more by Whimsy Loves Wit. 8. Crochet cupcake also from Whimsy Loves Wit. 9. 100% cotton blanky from Castle. 10. Caravan cot in red from Kalon. 11. Smartie cushion Mushkane. 12. Pink visu chair from Muuto. 13. Honeybake ice lollies set from Le Toy Van. 14. Jelly bear Lamp from Egmont Toys. 15. Peacock side table from The Family Love Tree.

23 Nov 2014

Little Spaces - Piper's Room

Welcome to the adorable world of Piper Peach. This whimsical little abode is piled high with pastels, filled with light and is the perfect space for her to grow up. Put together by her loving mum Nicola, the creative mind behind Concrete & Honey, this wonderful room is the perfect balance between sweetness and fun...

Thoughtful little details can be found in every corner and the all white floor and soft walls create the perfect backdrop for the delightful collection of treasures.

We caught up with Piper's lovely mum Nicola to find out more about her gorgeous room...
How would you describe Piper?
Happy, funny, magical, busy, beautiful

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Piper's room?
A safe, warm and bright space with lots of lovely things that felt good to be in.

What does Piper love most about her room?
Being able to reach the bottom shelf and choose books and toys to play with/knock to the ground.

What is your favourite thing in Piper's room?
I had strict design ideas when I set about creating her room but I received so many beautiful gifts for her that all these special things are what make the room hers and it's ended up so much more beautiful because of that.

So I guess my favourite thing is that every time I am in there I am reminded of all the love and loveliness we are blessed to have in our lives because of her. Oh and we are a little bit in love with our Mrs Oliver linen tent.

Where did you collect the pieces in her room?
All the basics were from IKEA (cot, shelves, curtains) and the rest from beautiful friends on Instagram who make things I can't resist! Like Squeak & Squirrel, Mrs Oliver, Baby Donkie, This Little Love, Little Letter Light Co, Lucky Juju, Sofofo and prints from Kelli Murray, Fifi Lapin and Ashley Goldberg.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Online! There are so many clever people making beautiful handmade things. For real life shopping, Kido Store and Seed are always inspirational and My Messy Room in Stanmore and Charbella in Cronulla have masses of gorgeous stuff, they're a pleasure to be in.

All images are courtesy of Nicola Brooke of Concrete & Honey.

15 Nov 2014
kids rooms

A Little Drop of Cute

Let it in rain, let it pour. If the heavens open up with a downpour of these cute decorations, we would not complain one bit. These darling Raindrop Garlands from Saharamac are sure to capture your heart and set little imaginations a flutter...

Featuring various tones in an array of rainbow colours, each garland is hand made with felt and a whole lot of love. Draped above a window or over the end of a bed, these little wonders will bring some serious cool to any room.

Each garland spans approximately 1.2m in length and comes packaged in a gorgeous reusable glass jar with a yellow glitter lid. What a perfect gift for a little friend. Available for purchase here.

11 Nov 2014

It’s Raining Cute

It will be raining cute in your little one’s bedroom if you hang one of these adorable felt mobiles proudly from the ceiling. Whether you fancy your head up in the clouds or want those raindrops to keep falling on your head, the team from Needle & I have you covered.

Needle & I is a soft furnishings design company based in Auckland, New Zealand, who make a gorgeous range of children’s mobiles, garlands, flags and cushions. Each piece is designed (and handmade) to bring energy, colour and freshness to the bedroom. And don’t they do just that!

The philosophy behind the Needle & I range is “less is more… it’s not about buying something new every week, but investing where you are able in well-made, considered goods which spark children’s imaginations and will last a long time”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

See more from their darling range over on Needle & I and we also stock a beautiful range of Needle & products over at The Gathered Store.

06 Nov 2014

Misha and Puff

We’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Misha and Puff, jam-packed full of adorable clothing for babies. All lovingly hand knitted in Peru and guaranteed to make you weak at the knees...

By the looks of one epic family photo from Delray Beach, Florida, in 1985, founder Anna Wallack has always loved to knit!

A far cry from the balmy shores of Florida, Misha and Puff was actually founded many years later in 2011 after Anna’s baby son spent his first winter in New England rugged up in head-to-toe home made knits.

Now Misha and Puff has four gorgeous collections under their belts, each getting better than the last. The designs are special yet unfussy, thanks to the thoughtfully designed and handcrafted garments.

Each Misha and Puff piece is lovingly hand knitted by a magical group of knitting ladies. The ladies either knit from their homes in Lima, Peru or at the Misha and Puff knitting centre allowing them to support their families.

Each knitter takes great pride in the pieces she chooses to knit and you will even find her name proudly displayed on the swing tag.

Explore more about from this inspiring brand on their website, where the full range is also available to purchase.

03 Nov 2014