Little Spaces - Scarlet's Room

Filled with an eclectic array of art, homewares, toys and trinkets, Scarlet's sweet little room is as enchanting as it is fun to be in. With piles of cuddly friends waiting for a playdate below cascading butterflies and flowers, you could get lost in this gorgeous space for hours...

When we first stumbled upon Scarlet's adorable abode we were struck by the obvious love and attention to detail that has gone into creating this lovely little space. Every corner is filled with thoughtful touches and we have no doubt Scarlet will love growing up in this magical room.

We asked Scarlet's Mum Kirsty to us more about her and her lovely room...
How would you describe Scarlet?
Scarlet is sweet and drooly, full of giggles and fun. She has a soft, easy going demeanor but also loves to fall on top of her brothers and roll around with them on the floor. Having three big bros has brought out her rough and tumble, silly side and waking to them each morning is her favourite time of day.

What are her favourite things to do?
Scarlet is a little travel bug. We’ve taken her on three out of state holidays now and always laugh at how content she seems on trips away from home. She gets giddy excited when she goes swimming and sleeping with her “duppy” (soft blanket) beats everything else. She also loves wearing pretty things in her hair and dancing on mom’s hip to loud music with the boys.

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Scarlet's room?
I wanted whimsy and fairytale in her space, lots of ethereal touches. The unicorn head on the wall was my first purchase. I kept much of it white to open up what is quite a small room and I was itching to add a little pink into our home, so had much fun with all sorts of pink and feminine details. I’d love for her room to encourage her imagination.

What is your favourite thing in Scarlet's room?
I love the daybed, a lucky garage sale find. It will be her big girl bed one day and it has such wonderful wrought iron details that add a lovely vintage charm.

Where did you collect most of the pieces in her room?
All the bigger pieces of furniture were used in most of the kid’s nurseries and so we’ve had them for over 10 years. Her crib bumper was recovered with the help of my mom’s fantastic sewing skills, in a fabric that I kept from my childhood, a tribal design that covered the curtains and duvet in my room growing up in South Africa. The dresser was a hand-me-down that I repainted in shades of pink.

The unicorn is from Dwell Studio and the mobile is from The Alison Show ( The art work is from Kelli Murray Art and The Black Apple (both Etsy). I have lots of vintage pieces in her room, items I’ve collected over years. Like the bedding on her daybed and the fabric covering her pillows, and many of the dresses hanging on display.

But she does have a stunning Tutu Du Monde dress which she wore for her first birthday and she has a beautiful Jess Brown Doll and an elephant from Cloth and Thread. Very special little pieces. The other dolls are Pottery Barn Kids. The floral cut out on the wall is a Tord Boontje piece from MOMA.

As she grows up, what things will you add to help the room grow with her?
I always look forward to changing up a space, so when she hits 2 we’ll move out the crib and glider and add a few new pieces.

I would love to add a trundle under the day bed for her to sleep on and have a sweet little clothes rack made where she can hang all her favorite dress up clothes. I’d also love to maybe freshen up her polka dot wall by turning it into a fun and whimsical wallpapered wall instead.

All images are courtesy of Kirsty from

30 Aug 2014
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Little Bohemia

Harlow’s nursery is one of those places you walk into and never forget. Will it be the gorgeous golden wall dots that stick in your mind, or the floral infused antler arrangement that you won't be able to stop thinking of? The answer is probably all of it!

We spotted this sweet bohemian room on one of our favourite sites, 100 Layer Cake.

It features a Maileg Deer & Hello print from The Cross, Un Deux Tois print from Rifle Design, Owls from Spruce Collective and a sublime flower crown from The Scalloped Window.

The room boasts a perfect balance of new items and eclectic treasures, not to mention the gorgeous palette of colours to boot. Speaking of boot, we are dying to rest our tootsies up on that amazing Moroccan pouf. Isn’t it just divine?

To see more of this beautiful space, head over to 100 Layer Cake.

27 Aug 2014
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Tiny Cottons AW14

We love the changing of seasons for a lot of reasons but mainly because we get so excited about all the new collections from our favourite brands. And with the latest AW14 range from Tiny Cottons just hitting stores, boy are we excited...

Inspired by childhood memories on the ski slopes, the new range features soft colours and super cool alpine graphics.

Print themes include sports (ski tracks and trekking boots), landscapes (pine trees, mountains and snow) and wintery après (cookies and marshmallows). Too cute!

Deep maroons, rich caramels and snowy whites create the perfect winter mood and bring to life the fun graphics in the most perfect way.

Tiny Cottons was founded in 2012, with the first collection being AW13. The team are all about comfort, quality and most importantly fun. Their playful graphics are always a lovely reminder that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

To view the full range from Tiny Cottons, head over to their website.

23 Aug 2014

Snowflake Sleeptime

1. 'Up' poster from Fine Little Day. 2. White deer head from Mini Templeton. 3. Paper lantern from Cotton On Kids. 4. Bowler pendant light from Paper Plane Store. 5. Baby polar bear cushion from By Nord. 6. Greenlandic boy cushion also from By Nord. 7. Large owl cushion from Areaware. 8. Polka dot wall stickers from 100 Percent Heart. 9. Change station from Plyroom. 10. Avo cot (transforms to a bed and a Junior desk) also from Plyroom. 11. Felt storage basket from Sne Design. 12. Sidekick side table from Paper Plane Store. 13. Dovetail dog from Areaware. 14. Ursa the bear also from Areaware. 15. Daisy Flower weave rug from Armadillo & Co.

18 Aug 2014

A Growing Chair

Innovative, useful and beautiful. A chair that grows with your child from birth, The Tripp Trapp chair from Stokke is a triple threat and we just love it...

This ingenious highchair was actually first launched back in 1972, but you wouldn’t know that looking at this exquisitely modern design. It is made from high quality European beechwood and comes varnished in a variety of rich colours so you can make it your own.

From 0-6 months the Newborn Set is designed for interaction as it elevates your little bundle up to the height of your the table, meaning they don’t get left out from family dinners. By around six months, when your baby can sit upright unaided, the chair changes transforms into a more conventional high chair for toddlers. Then once your child is on the move and feeding themselves, the chair changes again this time into a comfortable and ergonomically correct seating position for any age. Pure genius.

Visit the Stokke website for more information.

16 Aug 2014
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Dream Town

Going to bed isn’t about turning off one’s imagination. Far from it in fact. Bedtime is when the mind comes alive with the most magnificent adventures and elaborate dreams...

So as we drift off to dream town, it seems only fair that we are wrapped in the most creative of cocoons. Bed Toppings are designed to make the wonderful world of sleep as fun as possible.

The entire range was inspired by designer Sophie Farquhar’s recurring dream of sleeping on a piece of toast with a buttered sheet and a tin spaghetti duvet. How brilliantly absurd!

All Bed Toppings pieces are made with 100% cotton soft enough for babies and small children to sleep on. Click through to see the entire range here, you wont be disappointed.

11 Aug 2014

Fletcher’s Nursery - Made With Mint

There is a lot to like about baby Fletcher’s room, but we think our favourite part is the gorgeous colour scheme. Minty hues with natural wood elements work together in wondrous form to create a cool and calm space for a growing bundle of special...

The room has the perfect balance of visual attractions to draw in the eye, but enough empty space to keep things graceful.

We are particularly fond of the Arrow sheet set by Ivie Baby. The perfect backdrop for a sleeping little mister.

The suspended cloud mobile and hot air balloon create a whimsical pairing perfect for dreaming and drifting away to sleep.

Another cute combo that has us tickled pink is the glorious golden moose head hanging proudly adjacent to a luxurious fur-lined tee pee, which is a DIY made by Dad.

We discovered Fletcher’s amazing room on one the super sweet website 100 Layer Cake-let.

09 Aug 2014