Rocky 4-in-1

Due in stores from February 2014, the new jäll & tofta Rocky 4-in-1 is the perfect piece of furniture for your little superhero. Created with the idea of long usability, the Rocky will adapt and change with your child as they grow...

Starting out as a combined cradle for baby and rocking-chair for parents, the Rocky can then be rotated 180 degrees to become a child's bed. With its modern design and clean lines the Rocky will happily slot into your home, becoming a favourite place of rest for both young and old.

28 Jan 2014

Summer Days

We have fallen head over heels for Tiny Cottons new Summer Collection. Filled with seaside prints and nautical stripes this is the perfect range to fill a suitcase and head off to the coast...

One of our favourite prints would have to be tiny swimmers gliding across onesies, tops and bottoms. Although the little spades, paper boats and cool shades are equally cute.

Creating simple, modern designs, Tiny Cotton brings a quirk and fun to the garments that sets them apart. Founded in Barcelona, all of the garments are made from certified 100% pima cotton making these lovely little items a perfect fit for your little ones.

19 Jan 2014

Alight the Seas

Sooth your little one’s fear of the dark with this cute Saily Table Lamp from Skitsch. Ships ahoy dreamtime, we are heading your way. Available here to purchase.

17 Jan 2014

Stylemaker - Organic Zoo

Organic Zoo is a UK based fashion brand that makes simple yet adorable clothes using only 100% organic cotton. Better for the planet, kinder on your little one and more rewarding for the farmers, this is one brand of clothing you will feel very good about buying...

Organic Zoo strives to create simple and functional clothing made with the finest quality materials and craftmanship. Organic fibres are better for our planet, as they are grown without all the yucky chemicals. They are also kinder to your baby's skin, as they do not contain allergenic or toxic substances and organic cotton farmers get a much better price for their crop which means they also live a happier life.

We asked Paulina a few questions about what inspires her...
What do you love most about designing childrenswear?
I like the fact that it is a very happy industry. Whenever the child is coming through the door the whole room fills up with a different energy. Pure magic!

What inspires you?
When I work on a new collection, I like to be out of the office. Everyday I try to chose a different location... cafe, park, little bistro, all sorts. Depending on my mood and season of the year. That’s how I get my ideas.

Where are you based
We are based in Brighton in the UK. It’s a great place to be creative, to get inspiration. It makes my job much easier! Brighton is full of contrasting sceneries and colourful people... musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, people from different parts of the world... That’s a great stimulator.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A stewardess, a shop keeper, a professional ice skater and many many others.

What are the benefits of dressing your little one in organic cotton?
Baby skin is so sensitive and so exposed... ordinary cotton is treated with so many chemicals through the whole processes from the plant to the fabric (and residues remain even after many washes..) There is also an environmental and social aspect of choosing organic and that revolves around wildlife, animals and people.

What was your favourite outfit when you were a kid?
A white t-shirt with a pair of jeans... still my first choice!

If OrganicZoo were to design the perfect baby mobile, what would it look like?

22 Dec 2013
style makers

Gift Ideas for Baby - Under $50

1. Cat frame from Ferm Living. 2. Roulapic the Rabbit from Djeco. 3. Rainbow car from Plan Toys. 4. Multi-colour Rabbit from Anne-Claire Petit. 5. Shape & Sort toy from Plan Toys. 6. Fox Frame from Ferm Living. 7. Dino push toy from Dwell Studio. 8. Geo nesting board from Play To Learn. 9. Linen crocodile from Babyssimo. 10. Landscape dinner set from Doiy. 11. Shape & Colour wallet cards from So Awesome. 12. Boa draft stopper from Paper Plane Store. 13. Stack & nest cups from Kido-o.

16 Dec 2013

A Mountain Abode

1. Watermelon print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Cloud bookshelf from Pop-Line. 3. Wooden mini peaks from Kinderboothen. 4. Otylie doll from LouLou and Oscar. 5. Baby bear mittens by Oeuf. 6. Moth origami lampshade from Pop-Line. 7. Mountain peak blanket by Donna Wilson. 8. Sunny day garland by Needle & I. 9. Crib quilt from The Land Of Nod. 10. Caravan cot from Kalon. 11. Rocking chair by Thorsten Van Elten. 12. Sheepskin cloud rug from RH Baby & Child. 13. Storage box by Adonde.

15 Dec 2013

Where Fairies Sleep

1.'Home of summer fairies' print by Julia Kovtunyak. 2. Little Jade Plants from Cocon. 3. Cloud lamp from Ferm Living. 4. Star mobile from The Butter Flying. 5. Star sheet set from Dwell Studio. 6. Glitter star cushion from Numero 74. 7. Candy String from Lucky Boy Sunday. 8. Toadstool night light from Heico. 9. Star bean bag from Nobodinoz. 10. Neon nightstand from The Land of Nod. 11. Theo crib from XO In My Room. 12. Leaf rug from Vivid Grey. 13. Lapin the rabbit from Designed By Alice. 14. Pure stone washed linen set from Serendipity.

07 Dec 2013