First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes are a new Polish brand that provides you with everything you need to make a gorgeous little pair of leather shoes for a tiny person you love. Designed to be shoes that will be passed on from generation to generation, the kits allow the maker to truly put their heart and soul into the gift they are giving...

They believe anyone can sew a pair of their gorgeous shoes and encourage children as well as adults to give it a go. The kits come complete with everything you will need with no sewing machine required.

These shoes are not only made from the softest leather and are designed to fit chubby little feet perfectly, but will contain all the time, passion and love of the person who sews them, making First Baby Shoes a truly one of a kind gift.

02 Dec 2013

Geometric Dreaming

1. Red bunting from My Little Day. 2. Black pendant lamp from Muuto. 3. Tri-angled geometric wall art by Xavier & Me. 4. Miss Owl print from May & Belle. 5. Wire deer head from Fenton & Fenton. 6. Crystal wall decal from Urban Outfitters. 7. Mint chevron pillow from Paper Plane. 8. Merino triangle bassinet blanket from Uimi. 9. Cotton knitted baby blanket from Bonnie Baby. 10. Zig zag height chart from May & Belle. 11. Metal turquoise chair by Sebra. 12. Rocky children's bed from Jaell und Tofta. 13. Rope baskets from Paper Plane.

25 Nov 2013

Little Spaces - Jagger's Room

Jagger's gorgeous little space is everything a baby's room should be, cosy, inviting and engaging. It is made up of a delightful selection of carefully chosen pieces that come together to create the perfect place for little Jagger to rest and grow...

Born in September, 8 week old jagger is already growing into a bonny little lad who loves baths, cuddles, reading books and playtime. We asked Jagger's mum Erin a few questions about what makes his room so special...

What sort of space were you trying to create when setting up Jagger's room?
We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so the room was designed as gender neutral as possible. Which was tricky so I went with a crisp white, blacks, grey and blonde timber with hits if colour! And animals - lots of animals, it's like a zoo in there!

What is your favourite thing in Jagger's room?
I don't know if I have one favourite. I love the classic car (a surprise gift from my best friend), which was a later, much welcomed addition to the room once Jagger was born! It just completes the room.

Where did you collect most of the pieces in his room?
All over the place, which makes it truly unique. Pia Wallen blanket, the sheep mobile and sheets from Etsy, the cot from Ikea which I hand painted the bars, the prints on the wall from Seal Design studio and The Animal Print shop, the Zuny animals, Ferm living washing basket, sacks from The Minimalist and rug from Armadillo & Co.

As he grows up, what things will you add to help the room grow with him?
Well the room is tiny, 2m x 1.5m so there is not much room to add more, but I would take one side off the cot and lower it to make a toddler bed and add a cute quilt and pillow set from Kip & Co. and change some of the items on the shelves.

All images are courtesy of Gemma Clarke of Gemma Clarke Photography.

17 Nov 2013

Monochrome Mini-Space

1. Black felt garland from Felt Foxes. 2. Sailor Jack by Lucky Boy Sunday. 3. Motastic fox from May and Belle and Joeyjellybean. 4. Highchair from Alvar Aalto. 5. Bobby chair pillow in charcoal from Lucky Boy Sunday. 6. Black pillow from Fresh Ideas. 7. Crocodile toy from Japanese Zoo. 8. Wooden Black sheep from Shelf/Life. 9. Round floor rug from Where We Lay Interiors. 10. Caravan Crib in black from Kalon Studios. 11. Billie badger rug from Sew Heart Felt.

17 Nov 2013
black and white


The third instalment in our Bugaboo Buffalo inspired style spreads will reprogram your view of pram accessories! Enjoy... 1. Aviatrix Red Baby Hat by Knitrx. 2. Emile mittens from Mamy Factory. 3. Black leather baby shoes from Mini Toes. 4. Greay lambswool baby blanket by Anne-Claire Petit. 5. Knitted robot by Natty Knits. 6. Bugaboo Buffalo with black base and breezy sun canopy. 7. Eco robot lunch bag from A Little Lark. 8. Robot baby bib by B.O.T. 9. Silver rattle from Christening Silver. 10. Safe Sippy2 Bottle by Kid Basix. 11. Limited edition silver nappy bag by Melobaby.

07 Nov 2013

Buga - Boo!

This is part two in our spooktacular series of Bugaboo Buffalo inspired style spreads! This weeks collection is perfect for strolling the streets collecting candy and playing tricks... 1. Bat clothes pegs from Serendipty, perfect for pinning up a muslin. 2. Baby booties by Oeuf. 3. Bat ear baby hat by Oh Baby London. 4. Skeleton cushion from H&M. 5. Bugaboo Buffalo with black base and off white top. 6. Organic bat teething toy by Bannor Toys. 7. Bat pacifier by Boogin Head. 8. Starry night blanket by Wilson & Frenchy. 9. Leather nappy bag from Il Tutto.

03 Nov 2013

Ladybug & Boo

This is the first in a series of Bugaboo inspired style spreads we'll be posting over the coming weeks as part of The Discover Diaries. We hope you enjoy them!
1. Ladybird rattle from Supernana. 2. Vegetable rattles from Yellow Label Kids. 3. Find the perfect bugaboo pal with this lovely ladybug from Colette Bream. 4. Keep snacks cool with these cute garden lunchbox chillers from Little & Loved. 5. The Bugaboo Buffalo with a sand coloured base and red top. Perfect for chasing ladybugs. 6. Red spotted blanket from Organics for Kids. 7. Soft knitted leafy leaf also from the clever Colette Bream. 8. Organic cotton lunch bag from Little & Loved.

27 Oct 2013