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'My Happy Place' Exhibition

We are very excited to launch 'My Happy Place', an exhibition to support the very important work of the Dandelion Support Network. We have been working with 22 amazing artists from around the world to create 22 original pieces of art. Each artist has created a piece based on the theme of "My Happy Place", which will be unveiled at the Sydney One Fine Baby show from November 14-15. The prints will be available for sale at the exhibition and online via The Gathered Store from that date, with all sale proceeds going to this important charity. Over the next three weeks we will be sharing each of the amazing artists with you along with the beautiful artworks that they have created for this very special cause. LG x


Mini Pomme

It is not often that we come across toys that are so special and one-of-a-kind that they completely blow our sox off. The incredible creations from Mini Pomme are each a masterpiece in their own right and those lucky enough to get their hands on one know that their treasured toy is the only one like it in the world...

18 Oct 2015 toysmountains
Art and Design

The Mountains

We have mountains of love for the beautiful illustrations of Sarah Goodreau. They are always full of rich colours and gorgeous textures that make them beam from the walls like no other. This is one of our favourite mountain themed works, but you can see her full portfolio over on her website.


Noga Ravin

These terrific twisted creations come to us from a very talented designer living and working in Warsaw. Her name is Noga Ravin and we are very happy to have discovered her.

06 Oct 2015 toys

Winter Dream

This pretty photo shoot from Polish creative agency Pink Wings proves that winter dreams can be so much more than just drinking hot coco by the fire. All you need to keep the winter blues at bay is a couple of your closet pals, some cool layered threads and realms of crate paper. Beautiful in every sense of the word.

30 Sep 2015 photographygalaxy

Galaxy Lollipops

If you are going to experience a sugar high, you may as well do it right and blast yourself into another galaxy. It might be hard to believe but these stunning sugary treats taste as good as they look and are sure to send you on a voyage through a sweet, sweet universe called Awesome...