Edible Flower Pots

Combine your green thumb with your sweet tooth and get ready to take over the world! These adorable Edible Flower Pots from Cakegirls are so cute we can barely stand to look at them. Better get rid of them quick smart….nom nom nom...

16 Sep 2015 recipewoodland
Toys & Baby Toys

I Eva Fray

Handcrafted in New York by maker, Lauren Cockerham-Colas, these gorgeous Ieva Fray dolls are stitched with love. With the belief that life should be slow and simple, Lauren wanted to create a doll that would encourage imaginative play while also encouraging an appreciation of all of life's little moments...

11 Sep 2015 toyswoodland

The World of Noodoll

Picture a world full of bright colours, curious characters and copious amounts of mischief and fun. Now shrink that all down into play-sized toys, stationary and gadgets and you have entered the world of Noodoll...

20 Aug 2015 toys

Anchors Aweigh

Save up all your treasure me’arties because we are going to need more milk. These delicious Boat Biscuits from Caramel Cookie are calling for a
dunking in the white sea. Anchors aweigh we say! Find out how to make your own sweet fleet here.

18 Aug 2015 recipeoceanseaside
Art and Design

Lulu and Bing

We are a big lover of art for children’s bedrooms and over the years we have featured countless paintings and screen prints that have made us swoon. But it is not often we stumble across photographic prints for little people that blow our sox off...


Under the sea with Bleebla

There are so many amazing creatures that live under the sea and now you can play peekaboo with them all. The “Animal Box” by Bleebla is a magnificent 3D puzzle of sorts that allows little minds and mits to push and pull different puzzle pieces in and out of a beautifully crafted box. In goes a turtle and out comes a whale!

14 Aug 2015 toysoceanpirates