Threenagers - @notsomumsy

What better way to brighten up winter than with pops of colour. The colder and gloomier it gets, the more colours we add! We finally had some sunshine and boy was it glorious. Archie and his little buddy Kinga loved soaking up the rays with their skateboards & shades (& fairy floss to boot!). Three going on thirteen, with a 'tude to match their swagger, these two are gonna be trouble, but man they're cute to watch. Marcia aka @notsomumsy x

Art and Design


All hail the Goddess of the Sun, who bathes us with her light and warms us with her rays. If we had it our way we would follow her travels year round, soaking up the UV like a pair of human solar panels. You guessed it, we are sun worshippers. Which is why we need one of these Sunshrines in our house S_T_A_T. Sunshrine is a stunning creation made by Mark Giglio – a designer, illustrator and photographer living in Oakland, California.