Introducing... Sugarcoated Events

If you've got a soirée coming up you must check out the bees knees of event planning, Sugarcoated Events. With a passion for beautiful design and a knack for creating personalised experiences, Brie and Karon of Sugarcoated are the ultimate geniuses when it comes to hand crafted and stylish events. From invitations to favours and floral arrangements, this creative duo will have your back at your next baby shower, birthday or christening. We are super duper excited to have this amazing mother/daughter team on board as regular contributors to Little Gatherer...

We recently caught up with them to find out what makes them tick...
What do you love most about creating beautiful parties and events?
B. Taking photos of the finished product, when all the beauty and ideas come together!
K. I love sourcing inspiration from as many areas as I can, and then seeing it all come together on the day, I get a surprise every time.

What inspires you?
B. A blank canvas, pretty pastels, sugarcoating events!
K. The endless creativity, generosity and sharing of ideas and projects from the amazing girls I have been fortunate enough to have met and work with over the years in this business.

What lead you to start Sugarcoated Events?
B. After coming home from London and falling pregnant I spoke with mum about starting up our own events business. For as long as I can remember mum has been creating the best parties and it was time we came together to create for others.
K. After many years designing and styling for family and friends my daughter Brie returned from London and decided it was time we joined forces and Sugarcoated Events was born.

What is your fondest memory of being a kid?
B. A busy and fun house full of kids and a loving family. (I am the middle of 5 kids).
K. Growing up in a family of 5 kids there was always so much happening at our home, weekends were full of friends, swimming, and dad behind the wheel of our speedboat towing us around in the River.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Sydney?
B. Kido store in Surry Hills, Charbella in Cronulla, My Messy Room in Summer Hill.
K: I love Country Road and Seed Kids, Charbella in Cronulla

If you were to create the ultimate cupcake what flavour would it be?
B. Vanilla on vanilla, with a touch of coconut! Oh and sprinkles!
K: Coconut cake with vanilla icing covered with toasted flaked coconut topped with a ripe raspberry.

Sugarcoated Events will be sharing their first party with you very soon... Exciting!! In the meantime you can find more info over on their website. You can also follow their journeys on instagram... Brie on @beebeesxthree and Karen on @karongreenaway.