A Party of Dots

A party filled with spots and dots is party filled with smiling tots. We have found all of our favourite Black & White Spotty party supplies to make the perfect dotty celebration...

1. Create your own Polka Dot Paper Lanterns using Ikea Regolit and this DIY from Scrap Hacker. 2. Send a party with this great birthday crown gift set from A Little Paper Crown. 3. Colette Bream Linen Party Hat. 4. Black Polka Dot Candy Cup from My Little Love. 5. Wally's Polka Dot Dessert Plates. 6. Get the party started with this great Party Time Banner from Impress. 7. Biodegradable Balloons from Polka Dot Market. 8. Party On Tiny Dot Cupcake Wrappers. 9. Choose your polka dot colours with My m&m's. 10. Black Dot Party Cups from Shop Sweet Lulu. 11. Paper and Present Polka Dot Paper Straws. 12. Create the perfect polka dotted party bags with these favor bags from The Party Fairy.

28 May 2013