A Party by the Lake

When it comes to birthday party themes for girls, it doesn't get much cuter than Swan Lake. Bright, playful and super edgy, it need not be over the top girly-girl either...

This one here was thrown for a little six year old called Brave and featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog. It was put together by her ultra-creative mama and photographed by We Call This Love.

We love everything about it, the white blank canvas room, the vivid confetti and the oversize papier-mâché swan head pieces.

To kick the party off, they had a colourful craft session so each girl could decorate her own feather tiara.

Even the simple little blue ombre cake has a beautiful charm about it, covered in a fluffy white icing and scattered rainbow candles.

But our favourite part is the little ballet performance all the girls put on at the end of the party for their parents, led by their ballet teacher Richelle. Head on over to 100 Layer Cake for more great images.