Troll Party Fun with Sugarcoated Events

Extreme excitement in our household leading up to Kingston's 4th bday!! His older siblings were just as excited and bless, opened all his presents for him whilst he watched! I planned a party in the park (risky as the previous 3 out of 4 of his parties have been rained out and this one was looking a bit dicey too)!! We proceeded even with grey clouds and thankfully we got through! xx Brie from Sugarcoated Events...

Onto the party details... With the release of the Trolls movie (fab by the way) and such a hit with the kids! Kingston decided this would be the theme for his party and planned his colourful invitations with nanny / Queen of Sugarcoated Events, including a little troll attached for each kid.

A lot of rainbows, colour and glitter feature in the world of the Trolls... which makes an easy (and fun) medium! I found a confetti tablecloth at Kmart for $2 and loved the party range from The Gathered Store - polkadots, unicorns and rainbows! I used their Meri Meri party range for cups, plates, napkins, party hats, star Wands and candles! Love it!!

I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration and found my favourite Oh Happy Day and a beautifully styled troll party! I took a few ideas with me such as the troll cookies and 'print your own labels' for the party bags -"Have a good hair day"!!

On the menu.... rainbow fruit skewers, rainbow cupcakes, Troll (fairy) bread scrolls, mix of sandwiches, trolls cookies and a cheese plate. The Troll cookies were so beautifully made! Colourful, tasty and a real hit! Thankyou Renny - Tastee Treats 4 U.

The cake by LoveLaurenxx was perfect! 5 layer buttercream, with sprinkles and rainbow layers inside. I added my Yay candles and Troll figurines to finish off.

The park had a playground for the kids and I set up a rainbow piƱata in one corner with a canopy and blankets for kids to colour in, brush Trolls hair and eat lollies. All in all it was a success! the parents enjoyed a champas or 2 and the kids left with full tummies and little party bags with A Troll Pez and fairy dust.

Find out more about Sugarcoated Events over on their website. You can also follow their journeys on instagram... Brie on @beebeesxthree and Karen on @karongreenaway.

26 Sep 2017