Winter Wonderland

Step inside this woodland winter wonderland and be ready to be blown away. From floor to ceiling this snow themed party has been styled to perfection...

A whimsical woodland kitted out with magical styrofoam trees, faux snow, popcorn stalactites, ice-frosted cupcakes, marshmallow snow drops and a wise snowy owl monitoring the fun levels for all.

This enchanted forest also features some cleverly hand crafted paper maché creations including a deer head and a white jackalope.

In terms of treats for the children, there is a buffet of woodland cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and bunnies in tea cups.

This beautiful event was created to celebrate one very special five year old’s birthday party and was captured by photographer Wendy Alana.

Click through to see more from this gorgeous birthday party on her website.

24 Aug 2014

The Brighter the Better

A party without colour is like a circus without clowns. Don’t get us wrong, we live for sleek and minimalistic interiors and design most of the time, but when it comes to birthdays, a party without colour just isn’t a party worth throwing...

In our opinion, the best revelries are the ones that hit you straight in the face as soon as you walk through the door. Wham. A festival of colours enchanting your senses, like those on offer from one-stop-online-party shop Little Lulubel.

Natalia, the owner of Little Lulubel, is a fan of all things original. Her boutique is filled to the brim with hand-picked party goods, making it super easy to create a memorable party for your little one without having to drive half way around the country.

They even make themed party kits containing plates, cups, decorations and candles… as well as extra goodies that would probably forget for your beautiful birthday party.

25 Jun 2014

Gem Party

This gemstone themed 1st birthday party from Darling & Daisy is special. No, make that extra special, with a side of special...

With vibrant fluro colours and so many cute details, it's hard to pick our favourite part. But we can't go past the amazing wall installation made from carefully folded coloured card. So simple, yet so striking.

But little Ellia's name up in lights is a close second. It's like a mini slice of Hollywood has sauntered into the party, only way cooler.

And then there's the diamond cut cookies… diamonds plus cookies, can a combination get any better? We think not.

The team from Darling & Daisy are the super stylists who put everything together. We adore their work and have spent many hours this week pouring over their beautiful website. We definitely recommend checking them out.

22 May 2014

Smashing Fun

Shattering precious crystals and diamonds isn’t something we have ever yearned to do. But since finding these fun Crystal Piñatas from Prospect Goods, we can’t find a stick big enough...

Why bother bashing through donkeys, when you can let loose on a range of precious stones like these? With such a gorgeous exterior, we can only begin to imagine the precious bullion hidden inside…

Crystals, pyramids, diamonds, pentagons, pendants and more, each piñata is made to order and crafted by hand. There is also a sweet range of confetti and streamers to complete the look. Check out the full range on the Prospect Goods website.

21 May 2014

Party No.5

If your mama is a dessert table stylist, colour connoisseur and the founder of Confetti Pop, you are guaranteed to have some pretty sweet adventures through childhood. Especially around birthday time, when the whole school would probably line up to score an invitation to one of your magical merrymakings...

Introducing Averie and her adorable mountain-themed birthday party… which just happened to be casually put together by her mum, Shauna Younge, co-founder of the DIY party site Confetti Pop.

Every detail has been carefully thought through and sprinkled with a healthy dose of incredible.

There is an enchanting white castle to tell secrets in, the lollipops have custom-made mountain hoods to match the invitations, and the piñata, well don’t get us started on the dazzling, gold Averie No.5 piñata. We won’t stop.

We are really into the colour scheme too. The mixing and matching of neutrals and whites to form a beautiful clean base, which is then completely interrupted with explosions of vibrant pinks and purples to bring the whole thing to life.

Oh to be 5 again and be thrown a party like this… Head on over to the Confetti Pop website for the full list of credits and for more on this amazing party.

All images courtesy of Confetti Pop.

19 May 2014

Wilderness Party

If your little ones are wildlings, you are going to love this fantastic Wilderness Party styled by the Wonderful Collective...

Fox and bear masks, forest filled sweety packs, birch wood cake stands and lots of crafty camp gear utensils… this party will make you feel like you’ve run off into the wild to party with the owls.

Inspired by Moonrise Kingdom, we love the vintage details threaded all the way through the styling. From the retro camp flags and hand-drawn woodland creatures to the brilliant B+W photos of Utah and Tahoe printed onto marvellous sweety bags that you’ll never want to throw away, we love it all.

We are suckers for a kid’s party that is fun for big people too, and we are sure anyone who loves running barefoot in the great outdoors will absolutely adore this party.

If you like what you see, check out more from clever folk at the Wonderful Collective over on their website.

10 May 2014
wild things

A Party by the Lake

When it comes to birthday party themes for girls, it doesn't get much cuter than Swan Lake. Bright, playful and super edgy, it need not be over the top girly-girl either...

This one here was thrown for a little six year old called Brave and featured on the 100 Layer Cake blog. It was put together by her ultra-creative mama and photographed by We Call This Love.

We love everything about it, the white blank canvas room, the vivid confetti and the oversize papier-mâché swan head pieces.

To kick the party off, they had a colourful craft session so each girl could decorate her own feather tiara.

Even the simple little blue ombre cake has a beautiful charm about it, covered in a fluffy white icing and scattered rainbow candles.

But our favourite part is the little ballet performance all the girls put on at the end of the party for their parents, led by their ballet teacher Richelle. Head on over to 100 Layer Cake for more great images.

05 Apr 2014
swan lake

Ice Cream Bash

Ice cream piñatas? Yes please! The only catch is we want a giant spoon (not a stick) to bash out all the goodies from within. When we are triumphant it will be raining candy for all. That’s right, candy pouring from a giant, flying ice cream. And that ladies and gentlemen, would make it official. It will the best day ever in the world...

Find out how to make your own DIY Ice Cream Pinatas from the clever folk at Oh Happy Day.

15 Mar 2014
ice cream

Ice Cream Garlands

These bubbly Ice Cream Garlands from Oh Happy Day will put some serious colour-kapow into your next party. How can anyone not smile adoringly at a string of floating ice creams? It’s practically impossible not to...

But the best part is they take under one hour to make! Pop over to Oh Happy Day to find out how to make a set of the cleanest, most non-sticky ice creams for yourself.

14 Mar 2014
ice cream

Fiesta de la Tiger

Paws the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Tiger and Hide-and-Shriek are the games you’ll be playing at this picture perfect Tiger Party. Styled by One Charming Party, this adorable shindig is home-away-from-home for all things black and orange, with not a single stripe left out of place...

From tigerlicious invitations and cake toppers, to big-cat party hats and party tails, this tiger party has it all. Click through to One Charming Party to find the tutorials.

08 Mar 2014
lions & tigers