Camping with Tim Walker

As world renowned photographer Tim Walker's images always have an extravagant element of razzle-dazzle in them. Walker is most well-known for his exuberant and theatrical fashion shoots, but in these examples he takes his English eccentricity to the next level without using any people in shot...

One of our favourites is the library tent scene, which conjures up so many memories of school study time, slumber parties and camping trips all rolled into one. Apparently the shot came from an accidental realisation from Walker that when it rains you can still shoot everything inside: “ There was a camping series we did in Devon. It poured for the whole week, so we set the tents up in a library inside a house” explains Walker.

We are not sure what the original image was planned to look like, but it would have been tough to top this!

21 Nov 2013