Creative Showcase - Concrete & Honey

It's no secret that we are big fans of stylist, photographer, craft extraordinaire Nicola of Concrete & Honey. From baking to flower arranging, paper craft to crotchet, it seems there is nothing this clever lady can't do...

Since launching her popular blog in 2009, Nicola has been sharing her creative ideas with her avid followers, inspiring them with clever party ideas, gorgeous baking, beautiful flower arranging and her crisp styling ideas for the home. Nicola now offers her eye for style and her photographic skills to other up-and-coming brands, helping them to share their vision with her signature clean aesthetic.

We asked Nicola a few questions about what inspires her...
What is your background?
It's been a long and colourful pathway. I studied Economics and majored in Industrial Relations and Psychology. I then started a Nursing degree while working for an Industrial Relations Lawyer before moving to a big bank and spending my weekends studying Design and Mixed Media at the International School of Colour & Design, and correspondence courses in Journalism and Floristry. Hence my Iove for words, flowers, colour & design.

I've worked full time in Sydney and London in Financial Services for the past 15 years with a lot of travel in between. In need of a creative outlet I started my blog Concrete & Honey in Jan 2009 and started stitching garlands and making dot artworks large and small soon after for my Etsy shop.

When I was on maternity leave last year I met a lot of clever mums and small business creatives via Instagram. Having this time out of the office created the space for the idea of Styling & Photography for growing little businesses to bloom.

I discovered a little too late in the game that my dream job would be interior styling, but thanks to Instagram, it's become possible to share and interact with a network of like minded creatives and build a portfolio of sorts at the same time.

At the moment I'm a full time working mum and I style & photograph on weekends. Requests to design and photograph kids rooms and photograph babies and kids parties have also come my way, which is really exciting and I look forward to seeing what other opportunities 2015 brings.

What do you love most about what you do?
The creative process. I never knew what that meant, but once I get started, I stop thinking and arrange and re-arrange until I've created the most beautiful scene possible ready to shoot.

I never know quite how it will turn out, I just need to get started and see what happens.

What inspired you to get into styling and photography?
My love for styling and beautiful things. Photography is a way to capture them.

I also get to play with lots of beautiful products and really enjoy supporting small businesses, mums and makers by providing a service that shows off their products in a way that makes them really shine.

What has been your favourite space to style to date?
Since having a baby, I have a new found love for little ones spaces (and people tend not to hold back like you would in a grown up space).

Speaking of which, I am working on a bedroom makeover for Mr and I, so stay tuned.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A hairdresser or a truck driver. I didn't know styling existed.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids?
Online in the global marketplace. My favourite brands are Pure Baby, Boramiri, Rock Your Baby and Atsuko et Akiko.

If you were to make the ultimate ice cream what flavour would it be?
I thought I'd do you a collage (which I do pretty obsessively and have scrapbooks full of!). The flavour is passionfruit, French pastry with strawberries and crunchy bits of macaron in the shape of my all time favourite Weiss bar.

19 Jan 2015