Donna Hay Kids Magazine - Fairy Party

Any meadow can become a wonderland with the addition of a pair of wings and a picnic spread fit for a fairy queen. And who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon wearing beautiful floral crowns, eating delicious rainbow sprinkled cake and chasing frogs in search of prince charming...

We just fell in love with this fairy photo shoot from Donna Hay Kids Magazine's 2012 Issue. Filled with whimsical scenes of moss covered magic, this is one fairy party we wish we were invited to!

Like a scene straight out of Midsummers Night dream, little fairies flit across the pages, beautiful vintage picnic blankets lay on the mossy ground, and soft tulle hangs from the trees creating a land of wonder.

We would be hard pressed to pick which recipe in Donna Hays magazine we would like to devour first...

Sugared toadstools, Spiced honey Jumbles, Butterfly jam tarts or Raspberry lemonade pops... it all sounds mouthwatering delicious to us!

Oh how we wish we could spend a day in this delightful little fairy grotto!

To get a copy of the latest Donna Hay Kids Magazine, you can visit the website. It is also available for download as an I-Pad app.

Images courtesy of Dust Jacket.

05 Dec 2013