Icebergs without Names

Exploring the arresting photographs of Jean de Pomereu is like starring down the barrel of a daring arctic adventure. Blistering cold and blazing whites, we can almost here the arctic winds whipping around our ears...

Jean de Pomereu is the master when it comes to visual interpretation of Antarctica. He first visited the driest continent in the world in 2003 and has since returned on numerous occasions as a member of several different artistic and scientific expeditions, including the most ambitious arts project ever undertaken in Antarctica - Lita Albuquerque’s Stellar Axis Antarctica.

His images seek to interpret the Antarctic experience in all its haunting simplicity and free from any form of perspective.

“Many early Antarctic photographers would seek to grasp perspective by placing human objects of reference in their compositions, but which I prefer to distil to its minimalist, often abstract essence” says Jean.

Photographs from Jean de Pomereu’s expanding body of Antarctic works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Belgium, Spain, the UK, the US, China and New Zealand.

Pop over to his website and start exploring for yourself.

14 Aug 2014