This beautiful co-lab between photographer Yulka Wilam and children’s fashion brand Kids On The Moon has taken us on a mesmerising adventure into a children’s fantasy land. The graceful images and poetic and imaginative, and bring back memories of our own free-range and creative childhood...

This shoot is anything but the typical fashion shoot - instead of pretending to be models, the kids are natural and focused on what they love doing. The result is something far more sincere, unprocessed and alluring to look at.

Yulka Wilam mixes different photography techniques – analogue, digital, polaroid, black & white and colour, portraits and landscapes – to celebrate the magic of childhood and “the uncommon dreams of common children”.

The collaboration was initiated by Kids On The Moon as part of their brand strategy to cooperate with artists around the world to develop and promote art, creativity and passion in children from the early years.

Kids On The Moon is a no gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon. Best worn during night walks on roof tops, playing in stardust and attending formal meetings with UFOs. Check out their full range here.