Pink Wings

This gorgeous collection of photographs looks they were shot in a sugar coated corner of the fantastic chocolate factory and styled by Mr. Willy Wonka himself...

Not far from Wonkaville, this amazing shoot for Polish children’s brand EFVVA, was put together by the quirky creative agency for children based out of Poland called, Pink Wings.

The EVVA AW/13 might be a year old now, but it still makes us feel very fine and dandy. Bright colours and jester-inspired prints, it’s hard not to feel all jacked up with happiness when you browse the images.

Photographer Paulina Kania and stylist Anastasia Borowska joined forces to create a new agency called Pink Wings, which specialises in creative content for children. They work on advertising campaigns, fashion shoots, product launches and family photography… anything really, you name it. They offer everything from creative concepts to set design, styling and photography.

To find out more about this wonderful agency and how they turn colourful dreams into realities, head over to their website… and don’t forget to hit the translate to English button (unless you speak Polish of course).

20 Nov 2014